How much does dwarf gourami eat? I didn't feed it 1 day and they die... why is that? - Page 2 - Tropical Fish Keeping - Aquarium fish care and resources
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Didn't feed mine for a week. They were fine. I rarely ever feed every day.

I've also breed and raised Dwarf gouramis before. They do have a habit of dying but not because of food.

.... I'm probably drunk.

This is how I lurk

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Ummm...i'm really confused as what to make of this post lol.

For one, I feed my fish every other day. They are fat, healthy and fine.

Fishes tummy being swelled isnt a sign of good eating, its a sign of parasites or dropsy.

20 dwarf guaramis? In one tank? You didn't have them with your Pacu did you?
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Using controlled fasting is actually quite common in fishkeeping, OP, used by aquarists with years of experience and who have been quite successful not only as hobbyists but as professionals in working with the fish they keep. One day without feeding is not adequate, in and of itself, to cause death -- three days without feeding is not adequate, in and of itself, to cause death. In fact, the use of such fasting can create better health, not worse.
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Originally Posted by Nuttawet View Post
Look at their stomach if it is not swell.... I fed alot of bloodworms and they eat all in 10 minutes if i don't feed they die....
I don't feed bloodworms, nor do I have gourami so I have not answers, just some clarifying questions..

Do you feed them ONLY bloodworms?

Can a fish survive on bloodworms alone? Aren't they mostly water content and are more a treat than a staple?

If it isn't specifically the dietary issue then what are your water parameters and maintenance schedule like? Tank size other fish.... I think this has already been asked once though.

There is not enough information to come up with any suggestions or help here yet I think.


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I thought the high protein content in bloodworms was their problem for being used as a staple, and why they're used as treats. I've also heard that they can cause constipation because of the high protein content.

I don't have first hand experience with DGs but my Pearls did just fine with a 2 day fast each week.
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