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Originally Posted by Firefighter337
I went to the fish store today and I saw tons of stuff I like.

:( I forgot the names.

But yes, I saw some fully grown Silver dollars, they are big. I dont want them anymore.

If it were your tank, you wanted the most fish in possible and still stay safe and healthy:
What color rock?
What type of decorations?
What background?
What fish and how many?

These answers should be fun to see. Because I am going to buy the filter,, chemicals, rocks and ornaments tomorrow. Hopefully, I should have fish in the beast by atleast this weekend?
As far as decorating your tank, I would go with a small/medium gravel. Alot of people prefer a natural look and go with browns, but that is completely your choice.
Decorations, I would get lots of plants unless you wish to do alot of research on live ones I would go with fake for now. You can always change them to live down the road after you have read information on how to keep live plants in your tank, also some of the barbs will nip at the live plants if you decide to go with them.
As far as anything else you could look at rock caves ect.. I am sure your lfs has plenty of things to choose from
Most definately go with a background dark always works, but again its your preference.
As far as fish to start off your tank I would go with the danios they are hardy fish and once your tank is cycled you should be able to keep them in with barbs, they are fast fish and can get away quickly if the barbs become fin nippers.

Don't forget the test kit, for testing during your cycle :)

Best of luck to you, let us know how you did at the lfs. :)
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Originally Posted by Blue
Originally Posted by Tracy
Just an addendum re: the silver dollars: I have 4 of them, and they grow FAST!. They tripled in size in about 8 weeks. They are lovely fish though.
Impressive, mind you.
Welcome back. Haven't actually seen you lately.
Thanks, Blue :D you're right, I haven't been around much. Life just gets in the way sometimes.

You know what the definition of hobby is: something of interest that is going to cost you lots of money!
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