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A Dwarf Gourami in a 30gl is fine I have two in a 29gl. They are awsome to look at.
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Originally Posted by jsm11482
Not sure about the Gouramis. But you can have a large school of danios or two schools (leopard/zebra) maybe 12-15 total. Amanos and ghosts are fine, amanos seem to be slightly larger than the ghosts. You could also get a school of 5-6 cories.
Amano get to 1.5" in size while ghost shrimp 4". Amano tend to play better with other fish. Due to their size, ghost shrimp can harm fish with their claws.
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When I speak of "Ghost Shrimp," I am speaking of the paleomonetes variety...and in my research I haven't come across any others that get larger: what are they?

90gal: 2x Tangerine Discus, 2x Clown Pleco, 2x Catfish.
75gal + 10gal sump: 2x Large Goldfish, 1x Common Pleco, 14x Leopard Danios
55gal: 5x Angelfish, 1x Common Pleco, 8x SIlver Tip Tetras, 16x Neon Tetras, 8x Albino Corys
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He could be talking about these,
(Callianassa californiensis)
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you can definitly fit 3 dwarf gouramis in that tank, but make sure its 1 male and 2 females...


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