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How do you establish trust with your pet fish?

I am able to establish trust with one of my African Dwarf frogs,but it is because I use frog food as a mediator or as a positive reinforcement.

I have tetras and catfish for at least a year,but when I have my finger(s) near them and they become scared and swim away,so what can I do? So,they would actually be nipping at my finger(s) and so on...
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Some fish are just more skittish than others.
I dont think there is anything you can do.
Some of my fish are not at all bothered by my hands in the tank, some even enjoy it, others are just never going to like it.
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I think they just have to get used to you and I think they learn pretty quickly where their food comes from.
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My cories are still afraid when I walk by the tank, but they don't mind my hand right near them as I am cleaning! Go figure, I just don't think they're the smartest fish, but that's fine. My bettas adore me and are very quick to learn where their food comes from :)

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