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Well, if you realy want to know how I (who is a she btw ;) ) chose my fish, I'll show you.

1st, water perimeters. My water is soft with 6.5-6.8pH. That rules out a lot of fish!

2nd, tank size. I have a 10gal and a 25gal. That rules out more fish (especially in the 10)

3rd, swim level and size of fish. I want smaller fish and something on both the bottom and mid level for lots of movement. I wouldn't mind a school or 2 if they would fit.

4th, live plants or no? Some fish will graze on live plants and some with flat out distroy them. I wanted live plants.

5th, compatability between fish inclding that impulse buys when I was a newbie.
In the 10gal, I have my little impulse buy, a male VT Betta named Gus. So, what goes with him AND my water? Kuhli Loaches, Otos, and the smaller types of Corys are all good options for me. Kuhlis thrive in 20gal+ tanks, but can live happy lives in a 10. However, I had bought Mystory Snails and as Kuhlis can eat snails, I ruled them out (btw, snails and soft water do not mix. I have 1 healthy adult. The rest did not make it because the water was contraindicative to shell growth). This leaves me with Otos and Corys. As Otos are not readily avaliable in my area and have a higher bioload, I will be getting Corys to add to it soon.
For my 25gal, I decided to make it a betta sorority as I love the breed. To add movement to my entire tank as well as a cleaning force, I will be adding the 2 breeds I really liked but could not add to my 10gal - Kuhli Loaches and Otos

And that's it in a nutshell :)
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Tank 1: 25gal tank RIP
Tank 2: Snake habitat. Home to Albino Sand Boa Lily
Other Pets: minpin (Sugar) and rat terrier (Missy)

Is a fishkeeper still a fishkeeper when they no longer have fish to keep?

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It would be neat to see ur progress from start to finish....would u consider posting pics? Ya sure ya want sand? Not to stir the pot lol... If I ever get to my other tank (completely dried & empty now) i was considering going with a think soil base with substrate mid level, and smooth small natural gravel/sand top surface.... How's it coming along with you?
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yeah! see thats what i was lookin for! ill take pics def. ive been considering the dirt. i think i found my fishes too. so far im thinkin cardinal tetras and marble hatchets. not sure yet on what else
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I really dig cardinals...don't know much about m. hatchet fish - but both are from SA, cardinals chiefly in the Orinoco and Negro river - I'm not trying to show off by listing the rivers (which I probably spelled wrong!) but YouTube both and check out the natural habitat for ideas... I was doing this all last night in regards to my cichlids and in my humble opinion, i think that's the best way to go....the more natural the more stunning... And the videos are fascinating....Just my two cents.... If the pros say these guys are compatible, I say go for it!!!!

Also, just for kicks, YouTube blackwater aquariums... Don't know much about them, but so far they seem very interesting.... Definitely going to research more....

Cheers! -mike
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im really diggin the cardinals too and the jumbo neons. ill check out those videos! thanks :)
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