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Ok, I have a 38 gallontropical freswater non-aggresive tank....

4 neon tetras
6 cardinal tetras
1 male dwarf gourami
2 honey sunset gouramis
3 dalmation mollys
4 lyretails
6 guppys
2 rubber lip plecos

Everything seems to be doing fine... but...

1. What other fish would you reccomend?
2. Do you see any problems or anything I should know?
3. Can/Should I get anther male dwarf gourami?
4. I have no live plants... I have maybe 5 pregnant fish(lol) and I'm going out to Petsmart to get some plants, and keep in mind that I am the biggest n00b to plants ever, but I guess java moss is an easy starter? What else will look nice and clean, take up soome and be somewhat easy to take care of. Right now I have a peice od wood type thing a ship and a skull, taking up maybe 50% of the floor and fake plants taking up maybe another 10 percent. I want to get some nice plants and evetnually get rid of 1 or 2 applianances...
5. My neon tetras are changing colors and dimming at times of the day, I guess this is normal?
6. Can I feed my fish a lemon, orange ,lime or whatver like hanging on the side of the aquarium like I saw some goldfish eating last year in science...lol

Oh, I have a heater set around 78 and a filter, etc and my water is checked and is good for my fish, I do have salt if thats needed. My light is on at night and I pretty much have a good routine going...

I'm not a n00b, just regarding breeding and plants, I mean I just need some help with these things. Thanks so much!

Oh, and can you relply in a 1) 2) format....
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A similar thread has been created in Starting and Maintaining FW Aquariums section.

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