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Originally Posted by FishNinja View Post
Just thought I'd share the end of this story. The day after I posted I found poor Bob floating face up.
Also, I didn't mention we got 2 bettas from the store and on the third day the blue one died, was most likely sick before we got him.

That's it. I was semi-attached to Bob and I don't think I can handle another Betta.

The end-state of this that the Pleco's name is now Bob. (begrudgingly though)
And to be honest I don't really like the little bugger.
Don't worry I'm still feeding him though :P

Okay, so I'm not sure if the Pleco attacked the Betta though. Like I said, Bob was in perfect condition the day before he looked all torn up all of a sudden.

I isolated him that night in another clean tank with good water and the next morning he was floating up but he had green fuzzy stuff all over him.

So it sounds to me even though there were no visible signs of sickness the day before like it could have been the ich? If that's so maybe it was in fact Bob himself who tore himself up trying to scratch himself?
In the end, there were terrible conditions, he probably had fin rot...and putting him into a smaller tank probably was too much change in water ph etc. chloramines...for a sick fish and you killed him. get the pleco into a bigger tank...20 gal atleast for now, and a water test kit. best of luck.
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a full grown common pleco needs 50+ gallons
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I've never seen it on the forum, but i kept several bettas on a bar each week when i prepared a bucket of water for changes i added one teaspoon of aq. salt for each gallon of water along with conditioner, My bettas lived for years my fav blue lived for 7years he died only because someone who was helping erred.He lived in a huge crystal brandy snfter with a plant.
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Just to reiterate what the others have said, you can buy plecos nice and small and sweet looking, but they grow to be big mofo fish, 1.5g is WAY TOO SMALL. I had one a few years back in a 55gallon that I bought as a small baby, and when he died a few years on (RIP) I had to almost hire a crane to lift him out of the tank.

You will notice your pleco will start to grow very fast, either take him back to the shop or get a bigger tank is my recommendation.
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Go ahead and get another betta, but he will have to be enough for you, nothing else in his tank.Plecos come out at night they're meaty and the shearing force of thier body will tear a betta up since the tank is so small thats what happened and shrimp have pokers they stab, and the betta does float down as he sleeps if theres no plant to lie on.Good luck with your next one be sure to clean your tank well before adding another one.
oops screens jumping my post on the 13th was inappropriate, i apologize and agree with all posters.

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Um... Yeah..

Seriously, PLEASE do some research before you embark on keeping anymore living creatures....

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