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help with my ~55 Gallon tank

so i've been trying to make a proper fish tank with fish i like, my tank is 55 gallons. and i dont know what to get. right now i have 3 blue angel fish, 7 panda corydoras, a yoyo loach and a clown loach, 1 pleco, and 7 red serpae tetra and 2 phantom serpae tetra. they're all babies and when the loach gets full grown its going in a 1000 gallon tank. right now theyre all babies and small. i was wondering what else would go a long with these fish. and what would make it look prettier. i dont like neon tetras nor do i feel like any other tetras...what should i add?
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You're doing a 55g when you have a 1000g o.O? Or did you mean 100g lol?

The Clown Loach likes to be in a group, so maybe get a few more of them (4 or 5 more, total 5 or 6). They also do get big (12" each), so yes they will need a larger tank. The same applies to the Yoyo Loach except they only get half the size.

The Pleco will also get very large and eventually will need to move.

For other fish, you could look for some peaceful danios and rasbora. Do not get any fish with long fins to avoid nipping, both the loaches and Serpae Tetra's are nippers. Active fish are a better choice, don't get slow moving/sedate ones as the tetras you have may stress them.
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^^ This

Also, most of the fish you are asking about are located in the fish profiles on the site. There is a link in the upper left "tropical fish profiles." You can also click on any of the purple highlighted fish names to go directly to that species profile.

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