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Help me identify this fish, please.

I really hate to do this but my my wife and I have no idea what these fish are.
I really like them for some reason. We picked up the two males a while ago. Didn't know they were males until we picked up the two females over the weekend.

We bought them from Meijer's (a department store) and they had no tag for these fish either time these fish have been there. Both times they have only had a couple.

So here they are. (The green fish with red tips on the fins)

This is one of the males.

Here is a female

Here is a few of them together...

Male on the right and female on the left.

It was obvious that we had males initially. Once we introduced the females the males went nuts. It was fun to watch.

THANK YOU, to anyone that can help us.
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Looks like a killifish to me.
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Originally Posted by frankiefire View Post
Looks like a killifish to me.
After some googling, you are correct. :) Thank you.
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You should identify the species. I agree they are some species of killifish, but my knowledge of killies is near-zero so I can't help. But I do know that some killies are voracious predators, others are mild-mannered. Some get large, some remain tiny. Some can be nasty inhabitants, some the opposite--well, almost.


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To me it looks like a golden wonder killifish which is a color form of Aplocheilus Lineatus.
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I agree with BWG. Those look like golden wonder killis. I've seen them in some big chain pet stores.


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Blackwaterguy is correct, they are golden wonder killis. Awesome fish, but will eat full grown guppies and small tetras. I kept them with cherry barbs for a long time and never had any predation - the barbs were certainly small enough to be eaten, but they couldn't care less about them. Plop in a guppy, and they instantly hunted it down.

They will mate regularly - the male will put a lot of pressure on her. She only puts out about 10 eggs in a session, which in my experience were instantly gobbled up by the the other fish in the tank, which followed closely behind.

I had kept 2 males together for a while, in a 45 and 55 gallon tank, and then in a 125. They did great together, then all of a sudden 125 gallons wasn't enough for the two of them - one would relentlessly chase the other, so I had to separate them.

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