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Help IDing this worm in the aquarium


This is my first post here, here goes...

On several occasions I have noticed a thin, white worm in my 30 gallon planted tank. I have never seen it on a fish or on glass; I have only seen it wriggling in the water, undulating its body in a whip-like fashion. It seems to show up after I disturb the tank (e.g. water change or cleaning the filter). The following video is not mine, but is a good illustration of what I've seen:

Note that the video also shows a planarian FLATworm crawling on the glass; that is NOT what I have in my tank. I have the thin, white undulating worm shown in the video, which I believe is probably a ROUNDworm, not a FLATworm.

The fish haven't shown signs of sickness or anything (I've had the tank for close to 5 months), but I wanted a positive ID on this creature just to make sure that it's nothing to worry about. I have a hunch that it may be a nematode, but that is only my guess. Water params are pretty standard (0 ammonia/nitrite, < 5 ppm nitrate, pH around 7).

Much thanks for any insight you could provide!
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they tend to show up from over feeding.. what i did to rid a tank of them some time ago was to go ona every three day feeding schedule and feed only a little then.. also do 3-5 huge (50%) water changes over the course of the first week or two... (day 1 50%... 2 days later 50%.....2 days later 50% .. etc) this will remove any left overs in your tank as long as you gravel vac each time..... hope this helps....

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By feeding your fish more rarely, I doubt you actually starved the worm.

You probably make the fish hungry enough to chase it down. :)
I like culturing worms and suck in my 5G, makes them perfect for fry raising. (free live foods!)

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^^ genius

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nematode , worm

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