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make that 2...

stress and apparently there was a chemical or something in the water when i did the water change.. idk wa was it, it wasn't ammonia, nitrite or nitrate nor pH and temperature. Could have been oxygen and a sudden spike of bacteria eating the remaining ammonia or nitrite could have depleted the oxygen levels (i added to much bacteria this morning during the water change.)

anyways now they look good, one it finishes stabilizing, ill buy 2 more and maybe some tiger barbs, but most definitely more danios, as i have only 1 and it looks sad. and i wont forget this time the air bar (mine broke a couple of weeks back)...

thanks anyways!! been great help!

btw.. i know i messed up with the water change.. but we all make mistakes.. fixing em is what proves our true knowledge of things.. :P
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Are you useing any thing to remove the chlorine? If not that is probably what went wrong all city water needs a chlorine remover like Prime.

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Yep i used it.

Well.. One question, if it was running out and i added a little less, could that factor in, i mean, any remaining must have been too low diluted in 60 gallons plus the other 75% of water remaining. Anyways, whatever the factor, it got fixed.. Could also have been a mix of stuff.. (spike in ammonia (stress), water change plus any remaining diluted chlorine, a depletion of oxygen due to bacteria and other minor factors)
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It is likely that not enough de-chlorinator was used. If you are using a lower concentration of de-chlorinator then you may need to wait a good while before you add the water to the tank - assuming your not adding the water to the tank and then de-chlorinator (that would be lethal to fishes). The product needs time to dissociate throughout treated water neutralizing any harmful chemicals, especially at a lower concentration. Even then, depending on the amount of de-chlorinator used, it may have simply just been too little de-chlorinator to treat that volume of water.
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I know.. Still.. I added dechorinator before adding water to fish tank. Anyways, now all is fixed and i learned a few more life lessons. To bad 2 fish died.. But o well.. I saved the rest and i added a bubbler 10 mnts ago and they look happy.. :) thanks for all the feedback..! Been great!
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Do you have real plants in this tank? If so the bubble is not a good idea as it will cause the gases the plants need to escape do to the water surface disturbance.
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Yeah i have live plants. But the bubble is on a timer.. A few hours on and a few off.. Always during the time the lights are on.. (complex timekeeping, jaja)

But ill leave it today to run a few hours (like 1hr or 1hr and a half) to see how i like it.. Then ill change it to the normal on/off schedule
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Calmwaters was just saying that airstones drive CO2 out of the water, and plants need CO2.if you have trouble with your plants down the line, you might have to decide between the air or the plants.

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^^ genius

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