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Help Help Help! Fin Rot?

So Wednesday i changed the Bettas water, and i accidently put them in water to cold. But they seemed fine. And the day after (Thursday) I realized my little one, the very tips of his fins are turning! The person at petco (she actually seemed to know something, said that it was fin rot, and gave me some powder meds to dissolve in the water... is this correct? is there anything else i can do? will he be ok? what would cause this? I spent a sleepless night worrying about him :(
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What is the name of the med? Is it Jungle Fungus Eliminator? Thats what I use for finrot. What size container is he in? Don't worry, he'll be fine with treatment. :)
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No it started with Dy something its some form of anti-biotics.

Hes in a 2 gallon bowl. I couldn't get pics of it though. He won't stay still long enough for a good pic
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If it says on the package that its for fin rot, then I'd go ahead and try it. Just follow the instructions. Or if you don't want to use the med, you could just try keeping his water very clean by changing it every 2-3 days until it clears up.
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I am trying the meds. and it says its for fin rot...

I have another tank set up i am going to switch him between every few days to make sure the water is clean and i have time to clean out his tank VERY well before i put him back in...
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Sounds like you are on the right track with hm. Good luck and hope he feels better soon. :)
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