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Help with choosing livestock and design of new main show 150gal :)

I am struggling with what to do with a new show tank. This tank is a feature tank in my gameroom. (now upto 6 tanks). Here are my specs... looking for help with livestock for "look and feel" as a main attraction in a great big gameroom/fishroom...

2- Fluval XF5's
Not sure of the exact lighting yet... but will be HO.
All else will be livestock dependent.

I am stumped as to what to do here... the other tanks are goldies... all of them :P

I want to do something different and very very cool...

Promise pics!



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You can try cichlids, lots of color in some species. With a 150 gal you can have several.

Or have a community tank with tons of different kinds of fish... tetras, danios, swordtails, killifish, etc...
Dunno my main tank is full of those as is. however it's only 100g and i'm only 65% stocked.

Depends which you are looking for, as in color, or variety etc.
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discus and angelfish are other good choices, although i wouldnt mix them because the discus can get stressed

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Your lighting should, like the other hardware, also be chosen with regard to the fish. T5 HO lighting is bright, very bright; if forest fish are in the plan, lighting should be subdued, sufficient for the plants (if present) but not beyond. This is just as important and for the same reasons as choosing darker substrates and minimal-flow filtration. Different fish have different needs in these areas.


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The real question here is what fish do you like? I am assuming you don't want more goldfish :) There are so many ways you could go with a 150 gallon so really choose pretty much whatever you want... of course with some exceptions. If you have a certain species that you like I and I am sure other members will be glad to help you out.

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- 6.12.10 Guppies
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- 2.0.0 Zebra Snails
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What are the parameters (pH and hardness) of your source water? Knowing me, I'm going to be tempted to suggest some type of cichlid no matter your answer, but the type I recommend will depend greatly on it.

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