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HELP! Betta compatibility issue???

This is a discussion on HELP! Betta compatibility issue??? within the Freshwater and Tropical Fish forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Originally Posted by Boredomb Yeah there was some algae. May not been the kind they like though. I have 3 Otos in my 55 ...

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HELP! Betta compatibility issue???
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Originally Posted by Boredomb View Post
Yeah there was some algae. May not been the kind they like though. I have 3 Otos in my 55 gallon tank that are doing great but still can't get to eat algae tablets so I make sure there is some algae in the back of the tank for them. LoL but I read up on them before I got them soo I knew what I was getting myself into but thanks for the thoughts on it.

I don't know how many all is but I would be care with that so they don't over eat on them. LoL mine LOVE snails and will eat about as many as I will put in there with them. So I usually only put enough for each to have two or so.
Thanks for that tidbit of info, its good to know. So note to self; dont put a bunch of snails in with DPs or they shall gorge themselves on them.

As for the cories and their temp differences, I can so see that as an issue. Didnt think about parameters being an issue, I imagined it was a behavioral thing! Awesome, thanks for pointing that out! Although both my tanks (cories and betta) are kept at a steady 79-80F, I am still re-homing my albino cories with my bff, as I dont want my tank to be overstocked.

I hope my betta has no issues with my cherry barbs... as 4 of my 9 are males and they have a beautiful deep red coloring since they are surrounded by females. I dont think the betta will do too bad, considering he was fine with a school of bright neon tetras. And I am not worried about the fish and their movements, as 1-most all the fish he will be with are slower swimmers, and 2-he currently happily deals with 10 annoyingly fast loaches. LOL

Thanks everyone for all their info, it has been a very enlightening thread for me!!!
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It is funny you should bring this up...I was actually wondering the same thing about aq adviser.....
I keep my betta with peppered corydoras and they get along fine...The only troubles I have run into is that my betta is a pig! he will try to eat all of my cories sinking pellets..and he will if I let him!haha

I have platies and guppies with my other betta in my 29 gallon..they get along great..I had to move my snails into their own tank though..because my guppies and my betta seemed to see them as a snack..and I felt bad for them.
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