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I am another newbie here looking for advice. I have a 93.5 gallon aquarium. I did research on all the fish I want to stock and have a great filter system. Currently I have a long fin albino bristlenose pleco, 2 veil angelfish (gold marble and jet black), 2 dwarf gouramis, 3 dojo loach (2 reg and 1 gold) and 2 blood parrots. They all get along great.. so far anyway (3 months since adding the last fish (angels)). I am debating on adding one or two more fish. First I was debating on getting another pleco.. the queen arabesque (sp?) but I am not even sure my aquarium would need another pleco. The lfbn is doing a good job and he isn't even fully mature yet. My husband really wants to get a dwarf green spotted puffer. I understand that these fish are a wild card and I would really hate to see my beautiful angelfish tore up, but I am also willing to try it and seperate the puffer if needed. I originally was going to have 3 angelfish in the tank (wanted to add a veil koi) but I am just worried about the space when everyone is full grown. Even if there was enough space I am open to other suggestions. I am kind of looking for something to complement what is already there but I also would like it to be a bit different. I am sure you all get these kind of questions all the time and I am very happy to see that there are people out there who are willing to share their knowledge. Thank you in advance!
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Well here's what I think...try something that does fine swimming solo..Dwarf Butterfly Cichlids for example dont get big and have striking beauty, as do rams and other similar fish...for a puffer thats 'community safe' try an amazon puffer.

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