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Thanks Willow:

I fit on all counts except the Gh.

The research which I did over a year ago indicated that a Gh of 1 to 10 was preferable.

I have a limestone rock in my sump which maintains the Gh typically at 4 and the Kh typically at 2 (ie. minerals other than Calcium are present in the rock).

I will break this limestone rock into four parts and put back in the sump.

This should bring my Gh up to approximately 8 and my Kh up to approximately 4.

These hardness values should not affect my fishies or my plants.

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For what it is worth, I have very seldomely gotten any live bearer, especially guppies to survive their first brood. Mine always die shortly after giving birth. Even the males don't last long for some reason but once the offspring start having babies I never have a death from birthing nor mating.
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ah ha: ah ha:

That is why several of the "original batch" of red tails which I procured from Live Aquaria survived many months and the remainder died within a couple of months.

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my females had the first batch,then the second,third,fourth
...................................still going now(not meaning to rub it in)
however,now i am re-thnking,and considering to put the
girls to pasture in a little tank,to live a quiet life.
I sincerly hope for you that all works out better,as these are a fun fish
and always on the go,and the colours are fantastic.
i wish i was lucky with rams as i am with guppys,
sadly not,can't keep a ram alive to save my life.
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Julie was "nice enough" to spend the time to keep us posted on her cory fry so this is my "1st installment"

I have the two 5G set up on the bar.

I believe that the best way to describe this is that "theoretical physics and engineering did not work and I had to drop back to experimental physics in the figure out what to do next mode" .

I had established water surfaces such that :
siphoning out of my main tank into the first 5G tank;
siphoning out of the 1st 5G tank into the 2nd 5G tank and
siphoning out of the 2nd 5G tank to the kitchen sink
should "theoretically work"

It did not but I "caught it" before the overflow "got to the carpet".

I am now running the siphons from the main tank to the two 5G tanks (ie. there are no more 1st and 2nd tanks in the process) in parallel and from the 5G tanks into the sink.

The 5G tanks have "very rudimentary" filtration processes and, as stated earlier, I am not "counting on them" but will be employing 100% daily WC's from the main tank to the two 5G tanks.

Even with the "high end" thermostat and heaters in the sump of my main tank the temperature still varies from 78F to 79F. I have the heaters in the two 5G tanks set to 79F.

I believe that I am "set up" for the arrival of the guppy fry next Wednesday.

If anyone has any direct input or suggestions then "please let her rip".

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i have nothing to add at this time,
apart from .......... Good luck,
and i do look forward to hearing how you progress.
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