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Originally Posted by Sj45 View Post
how will you be getting rid of them, lol?
I will be taking the mature ones, I think there are about 30 of them. In to my favorite fish shop, they give me a little over a dollar for each one. The store is about 40 minuets away, so I don't go there very often. I plan on heading there Monday or Tuesday, it's been a few months since I've been there. It's actually been a few months since I've been in any fish stores! The shop has 8,000 gallons of fishy tanks, it takes me 3 hours at least to decide what I want.

That said there are more newborn fry in my show tank again. The problem is I only keep nano-fish. Newborn endlers are safe in all my tanks. They bother me in my show tank so I move them to my 15gal fry tank. I'm hoping on setting up a 50 gallon tub(cattle trough) outside this summer, then I can just put them all out there. Then I can have my fry tank back, which was originally my quarintine tank.

Though if anyone is ever in the area, feel free to come get some.

Originally Posted by el Mattador View Post
What kind of fish is that on your avatar? It's really cool!
Its a Gertrudae Rainbowfish, they are really fun fish.

.... I'm probably drunk.

This is how I lurk

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nice Gertrudae Rainbowfish! my local fish store dont got any :(



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I can get males from a somewhat local store, but I had to order a group of females on line. I am currently trying to breed them.

Also odd thing this thread should pop back up. Tomorrow I am taking all these endlers to a fish show. Some guy is getting them all for free. There are still over 100 of them. Despite being free only one person has so far as agree to take them. And I even advertised them as tasty snacks!

Sadly I don't even own a fish that can tackle a newborn endler fry. I'm rounding as many as I can into a net breeder for the night, so I don't have to catch them all tommarrow. I'm getting rid of them so I can use the tank to try and breed some garra flavatra, the fish in my sig. I need the tank empty for when they arrive.

.... I'm probably drunk.

This is how I lurk

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