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Today, when i went to buy the equipments, i found out that my tank is actually 10 gallons, not 5, and don't ask me how could i mistake it for a 5 gallons tank. Anyway, i set up my tank already and that how it look like below. Didn't like the big gravel a bit, damn, I screwed up again. I bough all the equipment at petsmart. It cost me around 100 dollars. The guy who works there look like he really knows about fish. He told me that i don't need to cycle the tank, just set up everything and let the tank run for 5 days to a week and test the water first to see how it is then if it good then just add the fish in, but he said after i let the tank run from 5-7 days then it should be good for the fish. He told me to buy dechlorinator and add it to the tank when i got home which i did.

In the tank right now:
the right side is a thermometer and a heater
the left side is a filter
around is some cabomba

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Hi thats great its a ten gallon tank. how exciting. I think its a good idea to let it run for at least 7 days..
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Originally Posted by froglady View Post
Hi thats great its a ten gallon tank. how exciting. I think its a good idea to let it run for at least 7 days..
Yeah, i was thinking of letting it run for 7 days too. Anyway, is it how it gonna cycled?
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well thats about how long id let it run. the cycling thing. might have to add some kind of addiitve. but some one on here should be able to answer that question better then me.
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You tank will need more than 7 days to cycle! Unless you are adding existing filtration media from another established tank. If you are doing a fishless cycle, you are looking at atleast 3 to 4 weeks. PetSmart, PetCo and all the generic pet store chains generaly are clueless on how to acutally take care of a fish tank.

Have you decided if you are cycling with or without fish? If you going fishless you will need to pick up some ammonia(make sure it is pure ammonia). If you are going fish-in, you will need to a few fish which are hardier than guppies or a betta....zebra danios are a popular choice. Fishless cycle involves adding ammonia daily and testing daily......Fish-in involves daily test and daily water changes.

As for your supplies, you will need to get a better test kit. I would return the ones you have for a API Master LIQUID test kit. The dip strips are unreliable and often give a misreading. During your cycle you will be testing your water on a daily basis and need a reliable to test. the API master kit is one of the best on the market....definetly the most reccommended on here.

I would pick up a bottle of "cycle" too, it will aid in the establishment of your tank and help jump start the process of getting things running right. Prime, Strees Coat and Stress Zyme are also very popular choices for the weekly maintenace of a fish tank.
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WOW, that guy knows NOTHING about fish if he tells you not to cycle. That's terrible, i hate misguided pet store employees. You stated before that you would hate to hurt the fish and i can guarantee that if you choose to not cycle you will kill at least a couple of them. JohnnyD44 is absolutely right on the test strips. They're terribly unreliable. Moreover, they will become really expensive int he long run. Guppies can be very fragile fish. Many are inbred because breeders often try to breed them to get better colors so they sell better. Doing a fish in cycle with guppies will stress them out terribly. As Johnny said, a betta would handle the ammonia much better thana guppy.

For future reference, 95% of employees who work at petsmart and petco tell you fish care data to promote their sales. For example, by telling you that you dont need to cycle, its almost guarenteed fish will die in the ammonia spike. Thusly, you will need to restock within a couple of weeks. this means more money for the store. Although i'm sure most of the employees dont tell you the false information on purpose its what they're trained to do since most of them don't go into the job having a petcare background. Listen to the people on this forum, many have way more experience and will help you a lot more.

Lastly, excellent choice on the filter. Going for a filter designed to filter double what your tank size is, is often the right choice to ensure ur water is kept best. However, i must warn you, i used to use aquaclear, and if you do not keep up with filter maintenence, it will clog and overflow. I had major water damage in one part of my house because I left for school and my parents enver changed the filter. In 3 months the filter clogged and we switched to a canister. Also in your picture i see no filter media. To cycle right, you will need the media IN. The filter foam is a huge aprt of cycling for bacteria growth. Without it, cycling could take much much longer. I must implore that you cycle your tank before stockign it.

Bah, i keep forgetting things. As per plants, i see you got dechlorinator, but i hope you used it before adding plants. I've heard that chlorine can damage plant roots. Also, you may want to consider some for of fertilization since your water is clean right now and should be devoid of nitrates and other forms of trace mienrals needed for growth. Also your tank has no hood, at least not in the picture. Are you going for a natural light setup? If you do you must amke sure the water is balanced to avoid too much algae growth. If you do ahve a hood, its a top fin one probably from petsmart and your plants will require one with a higher spectrum to imitate sunlight because your cabomba is a medium light plant.
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Again with the forgetting >.<, since your going with live plants, skip the carbon filter media. It'll take out nutrients your plant needs. Only use the carbon after you medicate your tank so it draws the chemicals out.
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Imma go the store again tomorrow and return the test strips and get the test kit and a bottle of cycle like Johnny said. Yeah, imma do the fishless cycle just to be safe. Also, i got some cabomba today but i couldn't find pearlweed. What should i do here?

As for Sin, ur last paragraph kinda bother me because i added the dechlorinator after i added the plants and i didn't know anything about fertilizer. I have a flourescent light that is very near to the tank and imma take a picture of it tomorrow to let you guys judge whether is it ok to leave it as it is or i have to get a new light.

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well as long as you didn't leave your plants in chlorinated water for an extended period of time. if you dechlorinated right after introducing your plants you will be fine. Although a lot of people describe lighting as watts per gallon, the rule is actually more tuned towards spectrum rather than wattage. Theres a thread somewhere in the forums about ti but it gets very complicated. If you ahve a nearby light thats strong, it may be fine. Did you get a hood included with your tank? this is not as important but a hood will help reduce evaporation and reduce moisture in teh room you ahve your tank. Its not a necessity but will amke your life easier.

note: Pearl Weed (Hemianthus micranthemoides)
also has medium light requirments.
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good call on returning your test kit of another one. You will need to buy some ammonia for your tank as well. Make sure it is pure ammonia, its be the strong kind for cleaning or the scented kind, just plain ammonia. Good luck, let us know you make out!
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