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grew some mosquito larvea

I grew some mosquito larvea and my fish really liked them! i only got 3 but at least all three went to different fish. I'll try and grow some more. It shouldn't be too hard here in LA. Just as long as they don't grow up all the way, i'll be good.
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Yes. An excellent fish food. Provided some don't escape predation and fly around biting you.

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small problem though. I got some brown algea in my tank that was hard to get rid of from the bucket of larvea. I had to greatly reduce the photo period for about a month.
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Can you feed them wild mosquito larvae? Like, mosquito larvae that you'd find outside in the summer in a bucket of water or something?

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yea, that's pretty much what I was doing, but got algea with them.
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Oh, okay. Cool. :)

"Aim for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."
- Les Brown
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I've always wondered about this! Maybe I will try harvesting ones from my rain buckets for garden. Will it hurt tank from roof shingle run off?
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I doubt it. What I did was havest them with a syringe and remove most of the water, then squirt them in the tank. Some of that water was from roof run off. But introducing "wild" water from anywhere could be bad if it has some sort of parasite. disease or something poisonous. Let's say that there is bird poo on the roof that has some bad parasite and the water runs over that and down to the bucket, then we suck it up and put it in with our fish. Could happen.
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The way I have been collecting and feeding larva for many years-I use a brine shrimp net and walk around dipping in all the buckets of water around the house and collect mosquito larva, fly larva, daphnia, seed shrimp that I can ID and some that I can't ID but the fish eat them without any adverse affects...

I do ID the dragonfly and damselfly nymps and remove them unless I am feeding big fish....but this is mostly for my Bettas and Betta fry so I want small larva and the nymphs can kill and eat the fry and as they grow eat bigger fish like grown guppies....

anyway....once I collect the larva and remove any nymphs I strain the larva through the brine shrimp net and let this water go down the drain and place them in clean water-I strain a second time using a larger but still fine meshed net to separate the large and really tiny larva and daphnia into another small clear container that I can put lids on.....

now I have two container-one with large larva and a second with smaller larva and other critters...both need lids with small holes in them.....when they hatch the critter can't get out and bite me...laffs.....
when I see the ones that hatch I give my container a shake and drown it and toss it to the fish too

Since I now have the larva in clean water-I use an eye dropper to collect and then feed or I just pour the whole thing in the tank for the waiting fish that attack and consume all the larva and critter........

If I don't feed all of them I keep them in a cool place and strain daily and add fresh water

I have well water- but I am sure the critters would need dechlorinated water like fish...but not 100% sure on that...I use a drop of bleach in the container when I hatch BBS and it has never killed not sure how treated water will affect larva......

Happy hunting.....
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My fish loves it.
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