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Gourami in 5ft tank?

Yet more planning and plotting going on in my head! As you may have seen im looking at how to stock my new 5ft 450l tank. I also have a tank with 5 Trichopodus trichopterus. Now im wondering if maybe it would be nicer to move them into the 450l tank and now im wondering what tankmates i could possibly put in with them if i decided to do that. Ive seen alot of people have them in with large Cichlids like Oscars and even with Dwarf Cichlids, id personally think that that would be a no no but evidence to the contrary in many cases. As usual there is SO much contrasting information out there So what do you guys think, any Cichlids a good idea? If not what would you reccommend in my 450litre with my 5 Gouramis? Im not very interested in very small fish like danios, id rather put in some larger sized tankmates.

Oh and extra info about my Gouramis, i have 4 females and 1 dominant male, 1 female is also pretty dominant despite being the smallest lol chasing goes on but no damage is done and its usually over a specific spot or food.

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I wouldn't put blue gourami that sze with oscars. I have seen oscars kept with some of the very large species of gourami, but oscars can be pretty aggressive and will try to eat anything they think they can fit in their mouth. You may be able to keep them with some of the larger apistogramma species, but I don't know about small dwarf cichlids like rams.
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Yes thats what id always assumed but apparantly people have had success if they grow up together. As tempting as it is i dont know if id want to take the chance that when the Oscar got alot bigger than them it decides they are food!
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You can also sometime get an oscar that, for lack of a better term, is a jerk. They usually just attack everything, whether they want to eat it or not.
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