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Ok, once again, revised list -

1 Spotted Rafael Catfish
1 Pictus Catfish
2 Pearl Gourami
6 Barbs
5 Ghost Shrimp (don't mind if the cats get them, I can replace as feeders)
1 Snail (of a type that won't eat my plants)

I really want to keep the catfish. They are my favorite. Is there anything that has the elongated body like the Kuhlii Loach that would fit into this group? Also - can I use Green Tiger Barbs? Or is there anything aside from a species of barb or danio that would be good in it's place?
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I was thinking - with the removal of the kuhlii loaches - perhaps a Black Spotted Eel? Those are a bit bigger, so safe from the cats, and I would probably have a larger tank before the time it would take for it to grow too large for my 45g. What do you think?
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The tigers and gouramis won't mix. They'll nip the fins of the gourami relentlessly. They're about the right size to avoid being eaten by the cats, but just too nippy. Another similar sized barbs, like the ones tophat mentioned, would be a better choice. I also think some rainbows might be a better choice if you're looking for a school of fish to round-out the aquarium. Bosemani rainbows might work well.
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Ok, nevermind on the Green Tiger Barbs then! I will probably just go with the Black Ruby Barbs. Is the Black Spotted Eel a no-go?
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The eel will easily eat the barbs unfortunately.

IF and only if you're planning on upgrading to a larger tank, you could probably get a Black Ghost Knife Fish. They're incredibly cool, and widely available. You'll just want to make sure you plan on getting a larger tank, as they'll get to be 20".

If you didn't want to do the barbs you could probably do an African Butterfly Fish on the top and the Raphael cat/pictus on the bottom.
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How fast would a 4-inch Black Knife Fish grow too big for a 45 gallon tank?

Would a couple African Butterfly Fish get along with 2-4 Pearl Gourami? If so, that might be the best choice. If I get the need for little shoaling fish, I can always toss in a group of zebra danios that the cats can snack on. :o
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Not sure how fast knives grow, but the ABF's would definitely eat the gourami.
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Ok, then I will for sure stick to the barbs. I love the Gourami.

I guess if the knife fish gets too big too fast, I can trade it back to my LFS for either a smaller one or a different fish. Would it be best to buy two of them, for company?
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I woudn't get it if you dont plan on keep it long term and have the adequet space for it.

And, to your question, they are fine alone.
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Why don't you just read this? Seems like it would be much easier than getting some of these opinions.
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