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My rams are doing well in hard water with a ph of 7.2....i had them with my redtail shark and they got along until the rams were about to lay eggs. i saw a ripped dorsal fin on the shark which is twice their size so i got the shark out since they chose to breed in one of his rocks. They would have most likely settled had i let them figure out their own territories and this was in a 33 gallon.

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16 Gallon Aqueon Bow Front 20x13x18 {Pair of Breeding Angelfish }

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I heard horse face loaches dig insanely. Never personally kept them though. Just a thought
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Yes they literally LIVE in the sand. I haven't seen mine for months, though agent13 said she saw it while doing maintenance on my tank.

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Originally Posted by jaysee View Post
Yes they literally LIVE in the sand. I haven't seen mine for months, though agent13 said she saw it while doing maintenance on my tank.
Do they like make a borrow than just live in it, and add to it??? Or do they make a bunch of small borrows??? Also do they eat pest snails???
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