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Originally Posted by andrewsz123 View Post
Thank you for all the great responses! So I bought 2 Small Bristlenose plecos last night at the LFS. And one of them immediately went after my small cambodia plants. By the morning about 30% of them were remaining, they would eat at the bottom of the stem and I would find them floating. So I am not going to have any of them in the tank and I will return them and buy more plants. A hard lesson learned :( I liked my plants.
I would expect this is due to what kitten mentioned, and I have frequently written (though not in this thread, perhaps I should have stated it again)--don't buy algae-eating fish until the tank is well matured and there is plenty of algae. Unless you really like and want the fish as a fish in its own right, but in this case the tank has to be "ready" for the fish with special needs. Had there been available food, the BN's might have spared your plants, though only one would achieve this goal. Also, cabomba is a very fine-leaf and tender plant, and one that frequently is the target of any vegetarian. But again as kitten mentioned, some species eat plants. As you say, a lesson learned; most of us have gone through similar.

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Thank you for all the great responses..the good news is that the swords are fine all the fish leave them alone. I guess the stem is too thick. Any who thank you for all the responses... The Pleco's are GONE! I love me some plants.
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Caught in the act

Caught em in the ACT they are gone.
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Originally Posted by mikaila31 View Post
bnp are plant safe plecos, mine don't touch my plants. I rarely feed them, they just whatever leftovers they can find.

havent had bristlenose but the book i keep said i shouldn't.i passed off a albino bristle nose because of that!! Wonder what plant and condition did the writer have his bristlenose in that he said it will eat plants if underfed

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My ABN is kept in a heavily planted tank (with lots of Cabomba) and my plants have never been bothered. As Byron said, if the tank hadn't been given enough time to properly establish some algae the BNP would have likely ignored the plants. If the BNP was underfed to begin with (as they sometimes are coming from the LFS tanks) and not given supplemental food (such as algae tablets or sinking wafers) until the tank had become established perhaps the pleco had no choice to go for the plants.

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This is just an idea... but Cabomba is pretty fragile...

What if he was eating off of it and just bruised it to where it fell apart?

BTW, I love ramshorns and MTS snails. *shrug*
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Originally Posted by Christople View Post
^^ genius

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algae eater

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