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Going to try again with the 10 gallon. Stocking ideas?

I've tried 3 times. First time, a goldfish, lasted 8 days. 2nd time, 3 platys and 1 swordtail, lasted 3 months. Third time, two platys, lasted 3 days. I'm done with platys. I am thinking about Swordtails, Guppies, Mollys, or Tetras. Thats really all my LFS has. What would work better?
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As I start I would recommend that you read this thread. It tells about the cycle. This could be a contributing factor to why you may not have had success. http://www.tropicalfishkeeping.com/b...-cycle-353074/

There is a lot of debate about what would be good stocking for a 10 gallon. I am getting ready to setup a 10 gallon with a betta and maybe some cories and possibly some neon tetras.
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I'd start off with 6 white cloud minnows. They are very hardy, can handle wide range of temperatures as well as live through new aquariums that are still cycling. Before adding anything to the tank, take 3 or 4 gallon container or bucket and fill it with tap water. Let it sit out for 24 hrs so that the chlorine releases into the air and out of the water. Then siphon out and replace the aquarium water with the new water. White clouds are a schooling fish and color up nicely when settled into the tank. They are also active and playful and do best around 68 degrees but can live in tropical temperatures as well.

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But 6 stocks the tank quickly What about guppies? and some danio?

<a href=http://www.petfinder.com/ target=_blank>http://www.petfinder.com/</a>
I work at Tong's Tropical Fish in socal! Only Part-time so I will let you know the days i work if you PM me. I hope to learn a lot of good things from them. And am happy to share the advice to you!
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No mollies, no swordtails, platies really shouldn't be kept in it either(platies need a minimum of fifteen gallons, swordtails need thirty gallons and mollies need a minimum of twenty gallons but prefer more space). Both types get too big, have too high of a bioload, and need a group that cannot be properly sustained in a ten gallon because it doesn't have the space.

Tetras...I wouldn't, but some have. Really not enough space for the little active ones.

Try endlers livebearers, smaller than guppies and just as pretty(more so in my opinion). Group of six males, and five or six dwarf loaches(they really like more space too, but it's workable and would be a much better option over any type of cory, though they still need sand substrate or smooth, rounded rocks).

I have an endlers ten gallon tank with four kuhli loaches. Well planted, it looks lovely though I intend to move my kuhli's out soon and add to their number.

I used to have a ten gallon with a single male betta and three African Dwarf Frogs. Easy to maintain, pretty and interesting. =)

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Well, both of the fish stores near me didn't sell any of the fish you recommended. They did have bettas, but most of them were dying. I ended up getting two guppies.
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Guppies will be alright in there. =) Two is a nice start, though they like bigger groups they'll be ok for now. Wait a week and then add two more or so, that way you wont shock your tank and raise the acidity and harm your fish.

Good luck. Try getting some nice live plants if you don't already have some. That'll help keep them happy with foraging and hiding, make extra oxygen, as well as give them something to do, and help keep your water parameters in check.

To understand how your first few times failed, perhaps you could tell us what you have done with the tank previously? Like cycling, the temp, filter, plants, and how often you clean and what do you use when you change water and how much is changed. We may be able to help you from losing another tank of fish.

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2 guppies, male and female become 200 guppies in a few months! Seriously, though, guppies are great beginner fish. Add floating live plants as well. But before you add more than one or two fish, do make sure your tank has been cycled. Experience tells us they've been dying from Ammonia poisoning.

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Guppies and danios are hardy, and I agree the problem could of been the cycle.

With my first girl.
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I think they are both males. One keeps chasing the other. 200+ guppies? I wouldn't mind. A friend of mine could take them off my hand. He has a massive guppy only tank.
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