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You should get your neon school up to at least 6. If you have a planted tank, and you take out everything else, you can probably get up to 15 neon or neon sized fish in there (and nothing else). So if you went with 6 neons, 6 flame tetras, and 4 amano or 6 cherry shrimp, you'd have yourself a nice little tank. If you went with 6 neons, an endler, and 4 panda cories, you'd be OK. 5 platies makes a nice little tank, so long as you're willing to slaughter or otherwise be rid of the babies. 6 neons and 3 high finned black skirt tetras and a pair of ottos is a good amazonish sort of tank, with the black skirts standing in for angelfish and the ottos for plecos.

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Right now I'm thinking 7 Neon Tetras, 3 Panda Cories, 2 Endler's, 10 Cherry Shrimp, all in a medium planted aquarium. How's that sound?

10 Gallon Tank:
4 Neon Tetra
2 Zebra Danio
1 Chain Loach
1 Platy
1 Endler's Livebearer
1 Ghost Shrimp
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That should be fine.

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I have 3 Panda Corys in with 8 glo-lights in a 10g tank and they do just fine. The panda's don't really hang out together and do their own thing. They really love the java moss though and hang around it most of the time. There was a slight aggression at first between the tetras but now it has subsided.
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