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Unless you have one heck of alot of fish in a tank those small cubes of frozen foods will be wasted and aid in fouling up your water. Thaw it ahead with a little tank water and use a syring next time to deliver very small amounts and don't give more until they consum it all, Most all fish that has never had frozen foods before will take a few times before readily devouring it. You are not suppose to do any gravel vacumming during a cycle, The most of your beneficial backteria grows in your gravel, But since you have so much frozen waste I would only do a skim of the gravel to only collect the wasted food particals, nothing else, During a cycle limit your feeding as much as possible... The product "Cycle" is a waste of money, If you have the extra money and don't care then use it.... If you don't have a test kit then you need to do at the very least 25% water changes every day, maybe even more, depending on how many fish you have in the tank and its size, Ammonia is bad and nitites are even worse, When the fish store did your tests you should have asked them for the results, Especially the ammonia and nitrite readings, Then you could have had some idea of where your cycle is at,

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I agree with what has already been said - keep up the daily water changes and get yourself a good liquid test kit as soon as possible. I like the API Freshwater Master Test Kit as it has a nice balance between user friendliness and accuracy. In the meantime, keep up those water changes. Get your water tested at the store but make sure they're using a liquid kit or electronic probes rather than paper strips. Ask them for specific numbers for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate as this will indicate how far along your cycle is.

I would hold off on feeding messy foods like the frozen foods (likely bloodworms, brine shrimp or tubifex if they're coming in those cubes) during the cycling process. Frozen foods are a nice treat but aren't required for the species you're keeping. Messy foods just provide more ammonia which is the thing you're combating through this whole cycling process.

Also, your shark needs a diet heavy in vegetable matter so offering him spirulina enriched tablets or flakes and fresh vegetables will be a nice supplement to his diet.

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