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Everyone, here is a public apology to my fiancee. This is about her fish and she is not just my girlfriend. I just want everyone to know that.
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Goldfish and bettas have different temperature requirements. Bettas are tropical fish and goldfish need cooler water. I think tetras and danios are schooling fish and need to be kept in groups to be happy.
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Okay, this is how it works.
Have you ever heard of the one inch of fish per gallon rule?
This is a "general guideline" for fishkeeping (very "general", it sets a minimum bar for fish. It becomes more inaccurate as the fish get bigger-- for instance, you obviously can't keep a 10 inch fish in a 10 gallon tank, but 5 2-inch fish will work in a 10gallon..)
Betta = 2 inches. Goldfish = 10+inches at adulthood. Danio = 1-2 inch. Black skirt tetra = 3 inches.
Every fish needs adequate swimming room. For instance, a betta may be kept by itself in a 1 gallon bowl because they are very lazy fish, and are small.
However, BOTH danios and black skirt tetras are very hyperactive fish. As well as this, they need lots of friends to keep them comfortable.
Because of this, danios need a ten gallon tank to be happy, and should be in groups of a minimum of 4-5. They also need the swimming space of a ten gallon.
Black skirt tetras require even bigger tanks, since they are even bigger fish. 20-30 gallons minimum on a school of them, depending on how many you have. They are very boisterous fish, and if you plan on keeping them with other fish, you're looking at a bigger tank and more tetras, to spread out the aggression.

And, as a sidenote, goldfish are not fish for bowls, they do not grow "to the size of the tank". Their organs end up failing, and they die a painful death. They should be kept in at least a 55 gallon tank, and that's if you have a smaller species. They also require slightly different conditions than the rest of these fish, and should not be kept in the same aquarium.

I'm sorry to break it to you, but this setup will not work. Listen to the people giving you advice on this forum. You simply cannot keep fish in bowls under these conditions. It is a cruel practice. Get rid of the danio and the tetra, then just stick with the betta in the three gallon bowl. Make sure to change its water.

Never listen to people at the fish store. They are only looking to make money off you... sorry.

And when you say you cannot return the fish, do you mean you can not, or will not? Just give the fish back, if you cannot provide adequate housing for them.
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Yes, I know of the one inch per gallon rule, which is why when we got the fish I told her just the beta and the goldfish (it might not be an actual goldfish since all this happened in a foreign country and they have different names). The beta is about two inches and the goldfish about 1 1/2, so I thought a 3 gallon bowl would serve ok. However, given your comment about their organs failing and them dying, it probably was a goldfish since that is basically what happened I think. It is good to know for the future. Anyway, a couple friends got her the extra fish, and when I found out it was too late and they were already there. I talked to her about maybe getting a small tank instead of a large bowl, but we couldn't (long story here, too). Also, the tetra is only about 1 1/2 inches (or so), does that mean it isn't fully grown? If you want to see the three fish please look at my tanks with my profile because I have a photo of the bowl there. I am pretty sure I have the species correct, but if I am wrong I would like to know. I'll talk to my fiancee tomorrow again about all this. For now she has separated the tetra from the others but getting more fish just isn't an option. Unfortunately, neither is taking them back to the store. It isn't about the money, the store just won't take them back. Period. The depressing thing is she would love a large tank but can't have one for numerous reasons. Like I said, she was really upset when the goldfish died a couple weeks ago, and I would hate for her to lose the others... Otherwise, she takes good care of the bowl and is careful about feeding. Once we're married and she moves here will do some research, talk to some experts, and probably have a larger tank then. As a side note, does anyone know the procedure for bringing fish into the U.S.? Thanks again for all the help and info, I just wish I had better news to give her.
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My fiancee wants to know since she has separated the tetra into another bowl (I guess about 2 gallons...?), would it be better to buy one more danio for the original bowl (with the beta) and/or one more tetra for the second bowl? She wants those fish to have company, but I am worried about it being too crowded. Thoughts?
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I would ,were it me,, (and it aint) explain to my girlfiend or future wife that Fish don't belong in bowls . A ten gal tank with filter and heater would allow you Way more options. A ten gal tank would set on top of TV , kitchen counter,closet shelf, hell ,on top of the fridge. Small tanks are very unforgiving when it comes to maintaining water quality which all fish need. the bowls will need two to three water changes a week depending on how much food is being offered. You will be doing no service to the fish by keeping them in bowls. That is my theory as to why nearly 80 percent of sick fish issues are in regards to Bettas. they simply don't do well in the long term in bowls unless diligent maint is performed.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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