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they need to get used to the water conditions and theyre new home! Big tank though! Could You show us a pic? We wanna see your cool tank!



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Cody, you didn't really give advice. You nearly barked orders to get rid of his animals. Chill out. Stop taking things personally.
You shouldn't assume that what a person has now is all he will ever have. People are allowed to buy things and upgrade. Fish grow slow...There's plenty of time to accomodate our aquatic friends.

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Here you go....

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Why did I did I just get this sudden need to drink some alcohol?
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The fish probably feel the need for some alcohol too
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that happens sometimes when your fish are adjusting to new water

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i realise that this thread is VERY old, and Im not sure how I found it tbh, but I am STUNNED!!! How could anyone be so uncaring and cold towards the health of their fish? Im sitting here wondering if I actuallyread that stocking list ....and Cody wasnt barking orders. Sounded like an animal lover trying to point an complete idiot in the right direction
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