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which fish

i have a 33 gallon tank with....... 3 corys so i wanted to know like a small group of a BIG showy fish i could put in

i was kinda going to break the shoaling rules of the discus by getting three (people say no people say yes, it all depends on the personality of the fish)

i know the care for them and everything and would be willing to, BUT i figured this is a busy year for me, so maybe discus wouldnt be the best choice.

so i wanted to get some ideas from you. im going to be putting sand in and a large AWESOME piece of driftwood and plants (ill be sure to post a picture after the construction :) )

but yea.. my tank is like 37''L 18''H 12''W i say like because its inbetween numbers.

so yea.. any ideas on a pretty BIG fish that can live in there? (and i dont like angels)


fishie fishie fishie
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In a tank that size, you won't have room for just 1 big fish, let alone a shoal. With or without that big piece of driftwood. Even an oscar would be too big.

You can do a pair of dwarf cichlids and maybe they'll breed. There's a lot you can do, just don't expect much over the six inch mark.
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While I would love to say "get some discus," I feel like if you are going to take the time to care for discus, you should do it right - big tank, 6+ fish, etc. They are awesome fish, we call them our children - so down the road you should definitely get some!

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Festivums might be a good call. A pair of blue (opaline, 3 spot, gold, platinum, or lavender, up to 5 1/2") or pearl gouramis (4 1/2") would work. Leopard Ctenos are very cool (up to 6"). Most of the medium cichlids need a 4' tank for comfort.

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