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Finishing the Stocking on my 29g

So I've run across a million ideas for this 29g tank I've got and I keep changing my mind. As of right now, I've got a single female kribensis, one male and one female pineapple sword (the second female came from the store with some fin rot so she's in a hospital tank at the moment) and what turned out to be a male/female pair of golden wonder killies. There's also a male kribensis but I've got him in a separate tank for now because up until today, I had a boatload of krib fry in the tank and didn't want mom and dad getting it on before I could at least get rid of their old batch of fry.

So, I had been wanting to get kuhli loaches for the bottom, but people have warned me that the killies might eat them once they're bigger. I've got sand for substrate. I don't really want cories as I've already got some in my 20g tank. The killies will definitely be the most predatory fish in the tank, so what sort of bottom dweller could I get that they won't eat? Are there some other type of loaches that would work?

Also, I want a second sort of "centerpiece" fish. I was tossing around the idea of a single ram, apisto, nannacara, badis badis, or even knight goby. Which of these would you recommend, or are there anything else that would work well?

I've got plenty of caves to work with in the tank, so that the kribs and whatever other fish will have their own territories. Any ideas?

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So I struck gold tonight. An old friend's dad used to breed fish out of his house but was unsuccessful and got out of the business a couple of years ago. He sold off his bigger tanks (he had a couple of 180's, a 125 and some 75's) and about half of his smaller tanks, but he still had a massive amount of equipment left. I went over there today and picked up the following:

2 x 20g long tanks (tanks only)
1 x 10g tank with canopy and strip light
1 x 10g hex tank with canopy and strip light
1 x 20g tall with canopy and strip light
1 x 29g with canopy and strip light
4 x Tetra Whisper 10 filters
1 x Tetra Whisper 20 filter
1 x Skilter HOB filter (looks like the biggest 1-sided aquaclear filter, sorta)
1 x Fluval 1 Internal filter
A couple of different sponge filters
5 or 6 different air pumps
1 x Fluval 204 canister filter
1 x 500 gph water pump/powerhead
1 x Lee's internal filter (meant to be used with an air stone, but maybe I'll hook that water pump up to it, heh heh)
1 x Hydor 50 watt heater/filter thingy (not sure what this really does)
1 x Visitherm Stealth 150 watt heater
Tons of assorted odds and ends, like filter media, filter cartridges, a huge canister of activated carbon, and about 15 POUNDS of frozen food (mostly bloodworms and brine shrimp)
1 x digital thermometer
1 x Digital pH probe

I got ALL of this stuff for $100 total. I'm literally rolling in tanks. I gave the standard 10g to my little brother, the 10g hex to my mom, and the 20g high to my girlfriend. I also gave one of the 20 longs to my little brother which he plans on using as a terrarium. So that leaves me with a 20 long and a 29g all to myself! I'm not sure what I'm doing with the 20 long yet, but I was thinking either some of those really small shelldwellers or a hillstream loach/white cloud biotope tank. Don't shoot me just yet, but I'm planning on getting a young Jack Dempsey for the 29g and then upgrading to a bigger tank as he grows.

Any other suggestions for any of those tanks? My brother really wants ideas for the 10g, and he's leaning towards something "mean." I suggested a redeye puffer. I could also use suggestions for the 10g hex, as this is a very oddly shaped aquarium.

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Wow, um, I hate you. I'd kill to get all that stuff for so cheap! (although then my boyfriend would kill me for bringing it home)

A puffer certainly is a 'mean' fish. There's not many things more dramatic to show your friends than a fish sucking a snail right out of it's shell. I've got a C. lorteti and he couldn't be happier in a 10g. Actually, the puffer would probably work just as well in the 10 hex as it would in the rectangular one, which would leave you with more flexibility.

I'm a bit killifish obsessed right now, so I'd recommend putting killis in one of those tanks. Reeeally cool fish that are very hardy and don't require heating. That's how I'd go!
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Just came back from a trip to buy some supplies. I got six glow light tetras for my 5.5 gallon tank. Those fish look *great* against black gravel. I think I'm also going to throw some cherry shrimp in there.

I set up the 10g for my brother with play sand and bought another bag for the 29, which I'll probably do tonight or tomorrow. Depends on if I feel like rinsing sand in the dark.

I wanted Endler's livebearers for the 5.5g, but since they were fresh out and I didn't want the tank sitting empty, I bought the glow lights instead. When I get the Endler's later, I'll either put them in the 5.5g and move the glow lights to the 10g hex, or I'll just put the Endler's in the hex. Would Endler's or glow lights be a better companion to a pair of clown killies in a 10g hex? That's the question to answer.

My brother's now on the prowl for a C. loreti for his 10g. I forgot to mention earlier...he was upgrading from a 10g to the 20 long for his lizard, so his old 10g is now mine. I think I might put my guppies there so that I'll have a higher fry survival rate and hopefully grow out some fry for my future Jack Dempsey.

I almost bought the kuhlis for my community 29g, but I'm still on the fence as to whether or not they're a good idea with those golden wonder killies.

Now I just have to figure out how to get my hands on those clown killies!

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My LFS sells them! Hehe, helpful, right?

Clown killies are really pretty- they aren't meant to be kept in warm waters though, so I'm not sure I'd keep them with either type of fish. While it's true that they can be kept in 78ish water, they color up *so* much more nicely if you can get it down to 72.

Cherry shrimp do great in cooler water, better than in tropical tanks actually. If I were you I'd put the killis and the shrimp in the 5.5 and move the glolights up to the 10. Glolights are rather active, mid-sized tetras, so they'll appreciate the extra space.

Good luck finding the lorteti! And remember, don't house them with anything! They're pure evil, but I love my litter bugger :P
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