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Fancy goldfish in UK pond???

I have just bought a small tank on eBay I'm guessing it's around 30 litres. Anyway I'm picking it up on Wednesday and it has three fancy goldfish which come with it. Now obviously these fish need a much bigger home and I want to make sure they get rehomed properly but I don't know anyone with a big enough tank. I have a friend with a pond but I live in the UK and I'm guessing it would be too cold for them? They are the bubble eyed kind, or at least one of them is. Please help!
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I now have the two fancy goldfish, I've put them in an old plastic tank I had in the cellar. It's only around 7 gallons and they're looking pretty miserable just sat on the bottom of the tank (I haven't put anything in it, not even gravel). They seem too fat to swim!! I'm going to rig up a spare filter and air pump I have for now.
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Right. I've put them in a 17 US gal tank with fluval U2 filter, air pump and one of those long air stone diffusers which creates a wall of bubbles. There are some live plants (I won't be keeping the air pump on all the time by any means), a castle decoration and blue gravel in there too so it's looking good.
I am thinking of keeping the two fancies in here but I'm not sure it will be big enough? I will be doing frequent water changes and I think there should be enough DO with what I've mentioned above. I'm going to get sinking pellets as the guy I got the tank from only had flakes.
I've never kept fancy goldfish so please help me out! I keep tropical fish so coldwater is a new venture :)
what temp should the tank be kept at? Anything else I'm missing?
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Hmm, I wish I could help you out but I really don't know enough about UK weather to help. It should be warm enough right now, I'd think, but I'm not sure about wintering.

Maybe shoot willow a PM and have her take a look at this thread? She lives in the UK and I remember her saying something about having a goldfish pond (or at least she knows someone with a goldfish pond).

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