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Dwarf puffer help!

This is a discussion on Dwarf puffer help! within the Freshwater and Tropical Fish forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Hi I have a dwarf puffer that almost seems to be sick but im not sure, I have had him for about 3-4 weeks ...

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Dwarf puffer help!

Hi I have a dwarf puffer that almost seems to be sick but im not sure, I have had him for about 3-4 weeks now and he's been doing great except for the last 2 days. He kinda just sits around at the bottom of the tank and hides all day, and doesnt care for food much which is weird because he was a pig he even ate 2 of my ghost shrimp lol. I did notice that he's been acting like this since i stopped feeding them frozen blood worms could that have somthing to do with it?

My tank set up is a 50g kept at 80 degrees, i have lots of hiding places caves, rock, driftwood etc and 3 live plants. My fish consist of 1 dwarf puffer, 1 green spotted puffer, 2 kirbensis cichlids , 2 dojo loaches, 2 mono sebaes, 1 demasoni cichlid and maybe 5-10 ghost shrimp that have been going missing lol.
the water has 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 1-3 nitrate, 6.5ph and i do 10-20% waterchange every week adding water treatment, i also add 1tbs of aquarium salts every other water change.

I dont think its my water but you never know. Should i set up a hospital tank for him? or just keep watching him, he doesnt appear to but sick or injured he's just mopey

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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The food may well be the issue. From my research, dwarf puffers do not usually accept dried foods, requiring bloodworms, crustaceans (shrimp but small enough to eat) and snails. The latter if you have any (small pond snails, bladder snails, Malaysian livebearer snails) would be ideal. Puffers also have teeth that need "sharpening" regular to grow properly, and snail shells provide this.

My sources also recommend this species in its own tank, not with other puffers. I've only once had a DP and he was fine in his own 10g but within a couple weeks of being put in with other fish he died. He lived on snails, and nearly decimated the snails in the 10g.

Lastly, this species is strictly freshwater. You mentioned adding salt, that is something that should not regularly be added to tanks with loaches. You have an interesting if odd assortment of fish, I won't get off onto that at present.

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Originally Posted by Byron View Post
You have an interesting if odd assortment of fish
Thats the first thing I thought when I read it, I wonder what a brackish/fresh/african tank looks like.
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