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Discus hiding?

Recently I upgraded my 29g filter from a tetra whisper 40 to a fluval 306 and aqueon quite flow 10. Now my 2 discus are hiding, not even coming out to eat. All the other fish are going great some even breeding. So what is wrong with the discus?
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Ammonia 0
Nitrite 0
Nitrate 0
Ph 6.9
Temp 83*F
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How is is the flow from the output of your new filter?
Discus like little to no flow, they're big flat fish that get pushed around like sails if there's too much water movement.
It could also just be the change.
Some fish are very routine oriented and changes, even ones you don't consider significant, stress them out.
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The intake is on the left corner and the output is on the right corner. The outputs flow is aimed sort of at the center glass. Right now the red turquoise is hiding in the back in a big bush of water sprite behind a large piece of driftwood. The cobalt is half out and half behind another piece of driftwood but he is all black. I shut off the hob filter and the power head that I used to diffuse CO2. I think that they are just stressed out cus of the change. But wouldn't the GBRs and Bolivian rams be stressed out to? Is there probaly to much flow for them with the 2 filters and the power head?
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You have 2 filters and a power head on a 29 gallon tank? Do I have that right?

Doesn't that seem excessive for a fish breed that likes quiet calm water? If you have live plants are they moving from the water movement? They should not be!

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Yup you got the 2 filters right and the power head is a little 1 and it is not even half the power that it could be. Yes I have a lot of live plants including rotala indica, java fern, christmas tree moss, ludwigia repens, water sprite, water wisteria, Ammania gracilis, anubis, temple hygro, mint charlie, amazon sword, melon sword, crypts, bacopa, Crinum calamistratum, pygmy chain swords, glossostigma, aponogeton ulvaceus, dwarf lily, baby tear carpet, and dwarf hairgrass carpet. Also plants should sway a little bit cus it will reduce algae growth and keeps sediment off the leaves. The discus did fine 2 months ago when there was the power head, tetra whisper 20 and 40. I think they are just stressed cus of the change.
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