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Angry Cory ate my guppy!

i put a cory in my guppy tank thinking he would be great in there, he was lively and seemed to mix well with them.... today i come home and my best male guppy is half eaten and stuck in the fake plant where the cory usually hangs out .... i know i should have gotten him a partner but i didnt have the cash at the time .. so put him in my wifes tank because she has one and larger fish that he wont mess with... UGGGG
well on teh good side by last male has 1o females to keep him busy...

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that sux....

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Are we sure the guppy didn't expire first and the cory took advantage of a free meal? It's not in a cory's nature to go after and then kill a fish. Just my thoughts...

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he was perfectly healthy as far as i could tell.. i am the donkey that sits and checks all of the tanks first thing in the morning , counting all the fish and looking for any signs of stress. (i want happy breeders) and this morning he was doing his usual rounds of the ladies and looked fine. i thought it was kind of odd myself but the cory is the only fish in there that is not a guppy and he was the bigger guppy male as well...

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I agree with kymmie, the cory will eat a dead fish it finds, but it is very unlikely that a cory will attack and injure (let alone kill) a healthy fish. A baby that will fit whole into its mouth will be eaten entirely, such as fry, but not an adult that is in good health.


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thank you both i was getting pretty heated over the whole thing.. i thought Cories were peaceful then i found that.... so i have to now figure out what killed my fish! i only have one male now and 10 females.... a few snails and as of yesterday some new fry to get out and put in the grow out tank!

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I would say that the cory didn't kill anything...
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