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Cloudy/Dirty looking water

No matter what I do my tank water clouds up within days of changing the water out. Its even occured with the new 20 Gal tank that I just bought! I can't win! I don't know if it is the water in my area or what is happening. I even rinse the gravel VERY well with hot water and it makes no difference. I've spent money on 3 different water clarifiers and they dont impact it at all.

I live in kentucky so we do have the problem of hard water if that helps anyone at all in giving me any advice! Thanks!
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What is your tank maintenance schedule and routine ? How often you change your water , what percent you change , how often you clean filters , how do you clean your filters, what additives and chemicals are used, how long have your aquariums been set up, and are they cycled ?

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The 20gal is new, I just set it up less than a week ago. and it is the one with the cloudy water problem at the moment. The 10 Gallon that is set up, has been up and running for a few months now. however I've transitioned it to be a goldfish tank, the water seems to be fine in that one, no cloudiness. My other ten gallon that is not set up, also had the contious problem of the cloudy water.

I change the water once a week, usually it is a full water change, unless the water seems fine, in which case I just do a partial. I clean the filter once a month and change the filter cartrage once every 3 weeks or so. When I clean the filter I scrub it down with hot water and a sponge. I dont use bleach or anything. make sure theres not any algea or anything on it.

As to the additives I use the slimecoat/de-chlorinator water conditioner. not sure of the brand. I've got an ammonia neutrolizer chemical that I add and thats pretty much it. I only add medications when I see a problem occuring. I have not cycled my tanks since I had one that was a planted tank a while back.
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Ok then .. Simple enough . You are just experiencing a bacterial bloom. This is happening because you are likely changing too much water and cleaning the filter too much . A tank is stuck in a catch up situation when you actively prevent the nitrogen cycle from ending this way . You don't need to change your filter cartridge that often if at all. When you do you are throwing away all the beneficial bacteria the filter has had a chance to grow. In order to finish cycling the tank you'll need to stop changing the cartridge and don't go crazy over cleaning the tank. Getting an API master test kit too will help you know where you are in the cycling process . Getting ammonia , nitrite and nitrate test readings would help me tell you more clearly where you are in this process

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Thanks! I'm going to take the fish out tomorrow or monday and do a water change and maybe do a fish-less cycle to see if that helps. I'll set my fish up in a 10 gal for the time being. Thanks for the help!
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cloudy water , dirty water

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