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Smile Chit-chat, New Project Down the Road

I'm just discussing about having another possible project in the future, a third tank if you well. It might take about one to a few years, but right now I'm just throwing out ideas and, even though I'm not sure how long this thread would be going, willing to accept any advice, ideas that would be given. Just don't mention aqadvisor because to tell you the truth, I don't find it 100% accurate and believe that the best advice comes from personal experience.
As for the project, I'm thinking about buying a bigger tank, somewhere between a 30-50 gal, with live plants, a driftwood or two and the only technology involved in the tank are the filters, light and heater. While I'm not entirely sure if I'll keep doing tropical, try for either brackish or saltwater aquarium, or another type of animal altogether, between then and now, anything is possible.
The fish I would like to get are angelfish and clown loaches, and probably a few bala sharks, if they can be mixed together. Any info would be helpful.
And if anybody wants to share their ideas, feel free to do so on this thread and make a conversation out of it.
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I would say the angelfish, clownfish and baka sharks would be ok together, but I would leave it open for more opinions.
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A 50 gallon would eventually be too small for Balas and clown loaches. I have Balas in my 4 ft long 55 gallon just to grow them out. They will eventually go into my 6 ft 135 gallon tank. Although they are rather slow growers but they get huge. Balas are also rather skittish and can bash themselves into the walls of a tank that's too small.
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So what would be a good mix with Angelfish? One thing I could think of are a small school of Silver Dollar Tetras, because I know the rule about buying fish that are too big to fit in their mouth.
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Some of the higher bodied tetras would be fine such as Lemon , Hatchets and Diamond tetras. I kept Rummies and Harlequin rasboras with angels with no problem. I bought the angels young and added them after the others so the smaller fish had a chance to get some size on them. Congo tetra would be fine too. I have a few of those with my angel pair right now.

For the bottom, cories or bn plecs would be fine.
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I don't know, I was thinking maybe a common pleco, and a few corys or upside-down catfish. I would do inverts, but I wouldn't want to take chances of the angels taking a slight interest in them, food wise.
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chit-chat , new project

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