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Castle Aquarium

Hello Everyone

i just thought i would share my aquarium with you all.
Please feel free to give me some feedback both positive and negative welcome.

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Very nice

Welcome to the forum.

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Very cool!
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I have a castle similar to one of yours, but it doesn't look as good in my tank. it looks great!
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What is that big black fish in the middle and the stocking levels for this tank?

That decor looks so huge and cool, I love it and so would my hermies if I got one for them!

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Very nice looking tank. I would love to know the inhabitants.

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Thanks for the comments guys

its a synadontis hes called bob and is approx 15 years old

i was given the fish in a swap for a marine setup so not my first choice.

2 x guppies
2 x rainbow fish
1 x red tailed shark
2 x clown loach
2 x corys
1 x algee loch thing (the long yellow one)
1 x yellow gourarmi
1 x tango molly

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im not quite happy with the under the bridge part, does anybody have any suggestions with how to make it looks like water is flowing through it. as under the stones its painted blue but looks strange on its own.
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Quite the setup! This is a corner tank, bow front? That castle is . . . WOW!

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That looks awesome!! I wanted a castle too, but my tank is smaller and I couldn't find one that looked that cool.
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looks awesome! love the yellow tailed fish, forget wat type of fish they r. They have some orange ones like that at the LFS but never any that r for sale and the few times they r they want a lot for em.
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