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Can I fit two more platies in my 29 gallon tank?

I bought two platies to "test the waters" of my future baby fish tank... They were fine, as I expected, but I was planning to move them to my 44 gallon tank with 4 angelfish (and I thought there was plenty of room in there), but now they seem kind of scared in there and don't come out too much.... maybe the angelfish are too biggg? :( Well, I got:

6 ballon mollies
3 platies
3 guppies
3 ghost shrimp (2 of them have been white for like 2 weeks so I thought they are dying I read :/)
1 african dwarf frog

It seems so full! But when I list them out it doesn't see like a ton.

Is there already too many?

Could it support 2 more platies? As long as I change the water often? (would 30% every week be ok? That's what I normally do...)
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You will have to put your actual filter in there. I dont know how the shrimp or the frog affect bioload. With just the fish the aquarium is 99% stocked.

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1 Emerald Crab
10 Astrea Snails
10 Nassarius Snails

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Neon Green Capnella
Green Star Polyps
3 Mushrooms - Red/Blue/Green Stripe
4 Florida Ricordia
Candy Apple Zoanthids
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Wow, haha I'm at exactly 99%.... 2 more platies puts me up to 107%

This is just an estimate though... any other opinions?

Wtf though the thing tells me my 44 gallon tank is way overstocked with my 4 angelfish... There has been times I haven't changed the water for -way too long that I'll be chewed out if I mention it here- and they were happy and healthy as can be. The 3 babies grew like weeds. One is catching up to his dad.
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