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thank you everyone for the info. and replies.
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The feeding issue with the BGK are mostly likely connected to his tankmates stressing him out and the poor water quality/stress of the cycling process.

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Get the liquid test kit. API master kit is a popular one. Strips are difficult to read and are often just flat out wrong.

Unless your other tanks are much bigger then your 55 they're not going to be much help. Doing frequent water changes might keep the ammonia/nitrites/nitrates in check but they wont help with the lack of space and the resulting aggression and frustration this will cause the fish. Those gouramis will get ripped to shreds soon enough. Without the others in the tank they would be a good fit I believe however.
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Originally Posted by ladayen View Post
ugh.. hate to say this but your fish are going to start killing each other sooner or later.. if they dont die from being cramped first, or ammonia/nitrite poisoning. Bala sharks and the pacu get very large, will need a tank much bigger to have them. Your BGK alone needs a bigger tank.

If I'm reading what you said correctly, you had the tank set up on Friday, and also had the water tested on friday? All that will show is your tap water. Also "fine" is not an acceptable statement you need specific numbers. Certain fish will not survive in low PH, others in High PH. Water hardness has a big impact on suitable fish. Also some people dont realize that the only acceptable number for Ammonia and Nitrites is 0. 0.3 or even 0.1 is not fine. The fact that a store would even allow you to buy these fish most likely means they dont care and/or dont know anything about fish and is not a good place to shop at.

I'm almost scared to ask what kind of gourami's they allowed you to buy. I would highly recommend you take all your fish back to the store and see if you can get a refund and take your money elsewhere.

I'm not meaning to yell at you but I really get angry when stores dont even make any attempt to make sure the fish are a good fit for the customer.
Originally Posted by ladayen View Post
The fact that a store would even allow you to buy these fish most likely means they dont care and/or dont know anything about fish and is not a good place to shop at.
So true, if only most places weren't like this. I've only had one person ask me about where I was putting a fish and what else was in the tank, although she was wrong about what she told me it's the closest one of them came to being caring/knowledgable.

But to the OP, never rely on anything a pet store employee tells you and ask here first. And always research something before buying, it could end up costing you money and somethings life.
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very true

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rehome the pacu

I <3


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