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I would opt for a mystery snail instead of an apple snail. Apple snails grow really fast, and in a 2 gallon tank, they will leave enough of their own waste to make the water conditions unbearable. When snails die, especially large snails, the stink is the most awful thing you'll ever know. A mystery snail has the same habits but instead of the size of a soft ball you're talking about the size of a golf ball. Huge difference, same experience from both snails.

Dawn Moneyhan
Aquatics Specialist/Nutritionist
Juneau, WI
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Originally Posted by SST
wanted a goldfish because the character Franklin had gotten one. But one of Franklin's friends is Snail, so kiddo is happy with the change of plans.
lol i just had to say thats so cute.

fishie fishie fishie
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In my 20 gallon tank my 3 year old daughter loves "Lulu" the Mystery snail. It's her favorite animal in the tank. She's always looking for Lulu.

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I saw some mystery snails at the LFS today. Some of 'em really got around! The African Dwarf Frogs were cute, too. I didn't see any ghost shrimp, LOL, though I didn't ask either.
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Honestly you can keep a couple of african dwarf frogs in your tank as long as the water is between 68 and 84 degrees. I have 2 of them and they are a hit with my nephiews. They are funny little critters. Although you would have to find a way to cover the bowl with something so they couldn't escape.
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I would suggest 1 or 2 Japanese Trapdoor Snails. They stay fairly small,(compared to an apple snail.) They give live birth, which means you won't be overrun with eggs. Mine mostly had 1 offspring per birth, (though she did once have triplets.) And they are ok with cooler water.
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Thanks, Stacey. I'll look into them. This bowl won't be heated, so something that can live in cooler temps is good.

More research to do! I love doing research.
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