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Unhappy Baby Fish, Round 2

Well, I thought I avoided an encore when I've moved my female platy from my 20g to my 10g after she gave birth to babies about at least a month ago, but this morning, I found a few freshly born babies, and I know they can't be rasbora babies because they don't have a yolk sac. Anyway, since the plants I have in there are providing a decent hiding place, like the first batch, if they survive not getting eating by the other fish, and my amano shrimp, as well as not get sucked up by the filter, then when they are big enough, I'll ask some friends of mine to see if they want to take some of them home for their tanks, or if any of my neighbor's grand kids want to take to them home with them, like a nice, pretty little souvenir for their tanks.
I swear, no matter how many times I carefully plan things, life keeps throwing me curveballs and I keep forgetting to duck.
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Expect more babies from her. Livebearers store sperm up from one mating and without a male can continue having babies 1-2 times per month for up to a year without mating again. Many run out of steam after a few months, but some don't. So prepare for more. =P

I had a female molly that I named "Miss Clockwork" because even without a male she had babies every 28-32 days for about eight months, and she had very large broods each time. I had a platy do this without a male for four months, she typically popped 30+ babies twice a month though. They can go more than once, more than twice sometimes too, since they also have the ability to grow multiple broods at once.

The only way to keep from having babies when you have livebearers is to either raise the females from fry yourself away from males, or buy only males.

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I ordered only males, but the company I ordered them from threw in a female by accident, probably. From the sounds of things, looks like I need to come up with a good price when it comes time to sell the babies.
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Don't get too excited about a good price for livebearers. My LFS gives $0.30 a piece and I never sold them for more than a dollar to anyone else.
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Well, considering that the last pet store in the city shut down due to the recession and the only place to buy anything fish related is at walmart, with the only fish they sell are bettas in a cup, then I might have a better chance of selling them for about a buck or two since I'm one of the few people in town who know how to properly raise fish. Plus I have a few friends with kids, so chances are they wouldn't mind giving the kids some responsibility, although the parents would probably end up cleaning out the tank.
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I think it depends on your area, where you sell them to, what kind they are, and their availability. I've been selling mollies and swordtails for $1-$5 each and actually doing pretty well, some other livebearers go for far higher prices(pure strain endlers and some types of guppies being two of those that can go for $5-$100+ each, the latter being the less often ones of very rare strains, but I have seen show guppies go for two hundred, so YES, livebearers, get excited). If you sell online, a lot of places have them less available than some areas.

Yes, mishaps happen when requesting specific genders. But they did pretty well only messing up one, usually they say you can pick the gender, but they don't actually know how to tell them apart. lol

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I don't plan on making a habit of this, right now I'm just trying to keep the tanks from overcrowding. When I thought I've had the one batch, which was about 5 or 6 baby platies, depending on how many visible, I was just going to give them away for free, but now finding the second batch, not sure of the number due to their size, and finding out that mama is far from done popping out babies, I might as well see if I can make a couple of bucks, while also saving people some gas money since the nearest pet store is at least two hours away.
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Give them a week or two to fatten up and make sure they're healthy, then sell them on ebay in big amounts for little money(I was doing 20 for ten dollars or so). A lot of people get them to watch them grow. I've had luck doing that with my swordtails. Had to, I had like 200 of them at the same time I had a hundred more guppies and mollies. x.x A lot of people starting out will buy fry to watch them grow with the tank and to raise them as they like KNOWING what goes into them. Just specify they're not feeders unless you don't care.

Livebearers have the potential to drop anywhere from one to one hundred babies each time. So consider yourself lucky you only got a handful...for now anyways, if mom is huge and popped only a few babies last time, she'll likely dump 30+ on you this time. ^^; They're ok in a well planted tank that is 10-20 gallons for a week or so at this size. After that they risk stunting and messing up the water though, so be careful.

Several of us have started breeding or raising fry in pools or bins. If you have an extra filter, heater and a large bin, you can use that to keep the fry in. Doesn't need anything else but those two items(filter and heater), you don't need to go out of your way to make it pretty, just something handy. Fill it up partially with tank water if you can, and use mature media from one of your filters to cycle it quickly. Large 20+ gallon bin or pool and that, you have a much less crowded tank for your adult fish, and a much larger space for your babies to grow in and be happy until you find them homes.

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I don't plan on starting a fish farm, and I'm not sure how to ship anything living through the mail. Plus I'm in a small apartment and my lease has a limit on how many gallons I'm allowed to keep aquarium wise and I've already reached it. Right now I just want to find the young ones new homes with those that would appreciate it them and when ma runs out of fry to pop, and I give them away, then that's it, back to my original plan of just raising them without having to deal with new generations. The ones I have now, I'll just keep a pair, make sure the gender matches the ones I have in the tanks, and those will be the only freebies I'll have.
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Well, wasn't meant to be a farm, just space to raise them without killing everything. lol

Try ebay, make a little money. What you need is some nice little boxes, pick a service and think of a fair price to sell the fry for(don't overcrowd the bags, maybe 10-15 fry per half gallon MAX, and that's only for week old fry and younger, halve the number for older fry) or try to. Double bag, or buy breather bags(ebay has people selling those too) . With normal double bags pack tightly with newspaper or Styrofoam, make sure it's taped well, you can get shipping labels on there and pay that way, then just drop boxes off at the post office. This is what I do. Oddly enough, fry are my most popular selling critter. x.x Explain they are fry so people know what they're getting, photos if you can get them....selling fry makes you back some money for tank care at the very least, if not a little pocket change, and often finds them good homes before you get slammed with too many. Starting that is terrifying, but it works well usually. So I found when I finally took that giant uncomfortable step! If you're not comfortable, then don't do that. =) Wait until you are or find something else as you said you will. =P Just giving ideas is all.

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baby fish , round 2

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