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No it's all have been very helpful! See the thing is i'm only 21 and I was looking for something unique to buy for my living room apartment and I saw this and was in awe but I have owned saltwater tanks before in my past till I met my girlfriend a year in a half ago lol so all my money seemed to be going else were besides my 14 gallon biocube I had set up in my room but it's okay now. I never owned a freshwater tank before so I thought hey, i'm sure it's less expensive to own one compared to a saltwater aquarium. I have never seen one of these setup anywhere either. I knew from the time I saw this aquarium that it actually might not work because of how thin it is....seems pretty mean to put fish in their that have no room to turn besides goldfish and other 1 inch fish.
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Absolutely correct. That did look like a very interesting piece at first glance though.

Freshwater is certainly cheaper and I would suggest easier.... but I haven't done more than have a cursory look at a saltwater setup.

At one point I was going to do an inwall 42" tank but the location of the tank changed so it needed to be free standing. I now look at some of the hassles that even just doing that might create based on my experience thus far and I am glad that my first was not an in wall unit.


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solizaaron18 (04-24-2013)
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Ah, just for clarification because I can't resist, goldfish get much bigger than an inch. :) Even fancy (fantail variety) goldifhs grow to 6 inches long or more, and those 'feeder'/comet goldfish you see in stores can grow to 18 inches or more.

For a tank like that you'd have to go with microfish, but those fish pretty much require live plants which would be very difficult to do in there, I'd think.
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solizaaron18 (04-24-2013)
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Another thing to consider, the apartment walls are no war near strong enough for a tank ;)
Mine can barely hold me/my husband's taxidermy and a flat screen tv(which we have choosen to put on a stand now).

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Microfish would be pretty neat in a tank like that. Or one betta might appreciate it since its shallow and long but one fish doesn't sound like something you're interested in :)
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solizaaron18 (04-24-2013)
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One must keep in mind the volume, which is 25 gallons, so only fish suitable for a 25g could go into this tank, regardless of its length. And that rules out everything except miniature fish. But keep in mind that in 6 feet of blue water you will not even see miniature fish. And this does not take into account the actual design, considering surface area and such things like those already mentioned.

This is an "aquarium" [and I use the word very loosely] for someone interested in decor but having no interest in providing the best environment for fish. Something like that 6-foot high 20 gallon in another thread recently.

And before someone jumps down my throat, please don't think this is a snipe at the member, it is not, it is just plain fact. Keeping any animal, even fish, is a big responsibility to do it correctly for the benefit of the fish, which come first.


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tell that to the guys on tanked..... show makes me rage
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Even the commercials make me mad. They send the complete wrong message. 'Oh yeah, look at us on tv! It's TOTALLY okay to put this giant fish in this itty bitty tank!'

Fish Tank Kings is the same. They made a tank for the backstop of a baseball field...ugh. Surrounded by screaming people and getting pummeled with baseballs? Lovely.

/rant over
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