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Any ideas

This is a discussion on Any ideas within the Freshwater and Tropical Fish forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Hi I am new to fishkeeping and bought my very first tank around 2 months ago: a Fluval Roma 90L Since then I have ...

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Checkerboard Cichlid
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Any ideas

Hi I am new to fishkeeping and bought my very first tank around 2 months ago: a Fluval Roma 90L
Since then I have stocked it with these fish:
- 1 Male Albino Bristlenose
- 3 Red Wagtail Platys
- 6 neon tetras

I am hoping to add at least 1 more type of fish to the tank and I was wondering if anybody had any ideas on what I should get.

I would love a fish that is sort of "the centerpiece" of my fish tank: a colourful fish that would be happy in my community tank.

Any ideas?

(oh and I did a fishless cycle beforehand and all tests are normal)
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Honey dwarf gourami?
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You're stocking is pretty flexible as you don't have any easily picked on fish (ie long flowing fins, poor eyesight, slow). You should be OK with most community to semi-aggressive fish as long as they aren't large enough to eat your neons.

A single Ram would be very pretty (just not a pair as they will either fight each other, or breed and take over/kill everything). Bolivians are known to be a bit friendlier and hardier than German Blue's.

There are a variety of gorgeous gourami that would work as well. Personally I wouldn't recommend the dwarf just because they have been bred with so many hormones that they are a rather immuno-comprimised fish.
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