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Every time I start to think about what I want to do with it I get myself spinning in circles. I would like to do some live planting, don't know much about it but I really like them and I like to learn. I'm thinking gravel . I'm leaning to a community. I love the idea of having multiple schools and a ton of different fish. I would change my 36 into...... I don't know , I want so many different things ! Spinning again !!! Not sure what to do with the 36 but I am leaning towards ciclids. Would have to go with dwarfs I'm sure . Back to big tank, schools and lots of colors. Like the variety of Tetras out there , but also like more colorful, busy,and oddball fish. Spinning again !!! Omg I'm so overwhelmed.
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I would also like to have at least 2 big fish. no idea what thought.
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Reference Team
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If you want 2 "big fish"( we all define big differently ) then do the 90 like Jaycee said or bigger. You'll find after time the 75 isn't a "big tank" . It really fits more into the medium category. You'll want a tank that you don't have to upgrade eventually as the fish grows ( like I found the hard way >.< I couldn't help but by that cute little ornate bichir! But my 75 wouldn't house it forever !)

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I just picked up a 75g tank only for $30 and a hand plainer . Couldn't pass up the deal !
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Congrats on the steal!
Can't wait to see it all setup and lovely!!!

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2 big fish

Yes we all define " big" differently. I have a dempsey and a convict that are my 2 big fish. The dempsey is about 6" and the convict about 5". To me, they qualify as really big fish, but compared to some of the fish I have seen onthis forum, they're really just minnows.
These two cichlids share a 75 gall with 3 pictus catfish that are about 4.5 inches. While I am generally satisfied with the home that I provide for these fish, I will admit that there are times when I wish I had a bigger tank for them.
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Wow skylight , beautiful !! I'm going to say that for me a big fish would be up to 8". I really don't have a whole lot of room in my tiny home for a LG tank. I'm sure I will be pushing the limits with the little lady when she finds the 75g. Haven't given her the news yet =-O. I'm sure it will be ok after the shock settles down. I have cought her many times sitting down next to the tanks after work before she even gets her jacket off. Btt, I know that the Royal pleco will most likely be the biggest fish in there at 14" when he grows up and I really don't want to have a lot of big fish. I have visions of multiple schools and some singles. I do like the Tetras but it seems that a lot of them are very similar. I'm pretty sure I will turn the 36g into a dwarf size ciclid tank . Would like to see a nice variety in the community 75. I really get my head spinning still when I think about it.
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Didn't you mention in your other post you like the idea of Boesemani Rainbows? A school in your 75 would be beautiful!!
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Don't think that was me but I will check them out. Any idea where I can look at one?
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Originally Posted by Forestfish View Post
Any idea where I can look at one?
Have you tried the Internet?
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