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Oh, and I would vote for guppies for the fish. I really like the colors and they wont be too fast

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Originally Posted by okiemavis
Plants are great, they're a completely different facet of fish keeping which I love.
You can say that again. It looks like I'm also going to need special florescent lights...
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Yup! Check out the one I've got for my planted 10 gallon. You'll have to change out the actinic bulb for a freshwater bulb, but it's crazy awesome:

Pygmy chain swords are great, they'll fit really well in the 10 gallon.
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Thanks for the info, okiemavis. However, I think the plants are going to have to do with something less... expensive. I'm not willing to spend so much money. I set myself an initial setup budget limit of $100, and getting a lamp like that would exceed my budget by a bit.
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a good fish to put with the frog would be a 3-5 marble hatchetfish or 3-5 (Nannostomus marginatus) or dwarf pencilfish, those are some fish that can give your tank a little uniqueness. and there not really greedy eaters, a good claener fish would be some ottos, a pair of clown pleco, or a pair of brisltenose plecos. or some shimp, if your want to go with snail i sugest freshwater nerite snials, they wont eat plants and there good algea eaters, anyways good luck with the tank.
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I have 10 gallon with 2 ADFs and Harlequin Rasboras and they get along great. It's planted with Anubias Nana, Crypt Wendtii and Java Fern. It's a nice little tank although I'm fighting with hair algae right now.

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Thank you all so much for the suggestions. I finally got my tank set up plants and two African Dwarf Frogs, but I still can't for the life of me choose the fish, and the plethora of great suggestions only makes it harder!
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