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Glad to know hes doing well Yes, bettas are tough little critters. I've jumped my Sasuke around various tanks and containers countless times since getting him, yet hes put up with it, never showed any real signs of stress

Yeah, bettas are solitary by nature and are almost always happiest alone...well, unless you count yourself as his companion....which I do because I'm crazy

Any pictures of him?
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hey, cool pic, mine is orange!
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An end.....

Okay I ended up spending nearly $200.00 and travelling by train for nearly 3 hours!!!!!!

I bought a 50 litre tank for him!!

A heater!!

A filter!!!

Some Real Plants!!!!

He loves the real plants!

I bought 2 snails!!

And I bought 4 Black Phantoms!!

Ill be back!
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wow thats a lot of stuff witch means you and your fish are going to be so happy!

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Sounds like a HUGE improvement!!! Perfect sized tank for all the fishies, too!


All things bright an beautiful,
All creatures great and small,
All things wise and wonderful,
The Lord, God made them all.

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Lightbulb Sticky Situation...

Okay so I have in my 50litre tank the following:

  • My Orange Betta - Puddle
  • 4 Black Phantoms
  • 1 White Catfish - Yin
  • 1 Black Catfish - Yang
  • 1 Ghost Catfish - Seedy Wally
  • 1 Princess - Princess
  • 1 Platy - Mr Plate
  • 1 Bristle Nose Catfish - Sucker
And heaps more live plants now and also a "ruined vase" from the pet shop.

Putting all the fish in was very nerve racking - I was very worried about how Puddle would react as he is a very aggressive fish.

They have been in all together for about forty five minutes now.....

....he flared up when they were floating in the bag but didn't seem too fussed about them.

I put them in one at a time and he slowly got over them after flaring up for a while and marking his territory.

He keeps kinda following Princess around which is kind of scary too.

Me and my boyfriend thought it best to give them some time alone to get to know each other.

So we have turned the light off, left the room and are hoping for the best!


Also, Princess is trying to school up with the Black Phantoms which looks which cute and funny :)
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Wink Fish Tank Drama Series

This morning I entered the lounge room slowly......unaware of what I may be walking into.

I left the top off the tank all night in case a fish was so scared they wanted to jump out -

So I was very wary of where I was stepping.

As I got closer I noticed fish.

Alive Fish.

Fish Getting along.


I went straight to the fridge and gave them a nice dosage of fresh bloodworms. There were no fights about the food and the tank looks so busy and entertaining now.

Not Boring and as though it would make you go stir crazy as it previously did.

I am still worried about Princess as she has a very strange personality.

When my fighter was flaring up at her last night she simply turned around putting her back fin in my fighters mouth.
My fighter simply chased up to its face and flared up again and then they both left each other.

And then she started following my fighter around which kind of annoyed him.

She keeps trying to school with the Black Phantoms but is not fast enough.

ALSO, Mr Plate is EXACTLY the same looking as my fighter - Well the same colour anyway.

They don't bother or get agitated at each other at all.

I think my fighter may think Mr Plate is a female fighter.

What do you guys think?

Also, my Princess fish apparently does not exist - I have had a look all over the internet to no avail :(

Maybe the aquarium guy just started making up names? I am not sure?

Do you guys no of any fish retailed as Princess's?

What are some other interesting aquatic animals as I think I may be becoming a little obsessed with these creatures? teehee.

Also, I get extremelly agitated when I go to Pet Shops now.

I would like to protest against sale of small fish bowls!! and would love to have them banned like they do in Rome!!!

Is there any groups or anything regarding this awful practice that goes unnoticed or undisputed ?
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Please Answer Me!!!
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post #29 of 30 Old 09-08-2009, 01:45 AM Thread Starter
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Is it because I wrote is there any groups instead of are there any groups? lol :)
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Can you get a picture of Princess? Not sure what type fish you have.
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help help fish cruel

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