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Originally Posted by Mikaila31 View Post
I think Craigslist is just a US thing...... Look for cheap tanks in the paper, garage sales, second hand stores, ect. If you are on a major budget, any large container with clear sides will work.

I was thinking about a container.


I was told that you cannot put anything in the fish tank (or be a fishtank) if it has had any contact with chemicals

i.e. dishwashing liquid

i dont know
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Hi Tempy,

Welcome to the forum and congrats. on your new fishy friend. You should be able to find mini-heaters online for a lot cheaper than that. For example:

Aquarium Heaters & Water Temperature: Mini Aquarium Heaters

Good luck

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Originally Posted by Twistersmom View Post
Hello and welcome to the forum!

I have found my bettas to enjoy their swimming room. I understand the lack of money to invest. You can keep an eye out on Craiglist. I often see complete 10 gal setups for dirt cheap.
Check yard sales (tag sales) too if you get out over weekends. We lucked upon a 10 gal complete tank kit a couple months ago. We check a service called freecycle in our area also so if theres something like that where you are then that's an option. Everything on there is free, people offer things they don't want anymore to keep things out of landfills.

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I did not notice that you live in Australia! I guess that would make Craiglist hard to use.
Maybe look on Ebay.
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Originally Posted by Tempy View Post
I was thinking about a container.


I was told that you cannot put anything in the fish tank (or be a fishtank) if it has had any contact with chemicals

i.e. dishwashing liquid

i dont know
I should be fine if you rinse it in clean water first. I've kept fish in lots on things. Usually just those large plastic storage bins, cuz they are easy to use. I also kept a betta in a massive glass rum bottle that I found at my grampa's, thing was close to 2 gallons. We get 3 gal cheese ball containers too that work great as fish tanks too.

.... I'm probably drunk.

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Thumbs up New and Improved and more importantly.....HAPPY!!!


Yes, I do live in Australia. I live in Melbourne and it is winter so it is really wet and cold most of the time. Not like a desert which some would assume.

So yesterday after work I ran to the pet find it closed :(

I then ran to the $2 shop.

I ended up buying a big fish bowl for $15! It is not that big, but about 6 times bigger than the old bowl and it looks very comfortable!

I couldn't buy a heater though because the pet shop was closed. I will buy one after work today!

I left the heater at home on low gas bills gunna be so high!

I bought some water ager and an oxy-shell which maintains the bowls PH levels.

I bought a fake plant for it (that's all they had) and some pebble thingies.

I also bought some Betta fish food (previously it was eating dried bloodworms only)

I was stressing out about the water temperature and getting him into the new

In the end i ended up just putting him in the new bowl and he didnt get stressed at all!!

I put the new food in the new bowl and he was very happy and seemed to forget about the move.

He then explored his new home and found a little hiding place that he enjoys to spend his time.

It is so cute!

Later that night, I put a mirror next to the bowl to test the theory.

When he finally noticed the mirror he swam down next to it - flaring his beautiful fins - he then stared directly at the reflection puffing his cheeks - so amazing.

I didn't keep it there for too long as I dont want him to get used to it.

I also put the mirror away from his special hiding place as I didnt want him to have a reason to feel unsafe there.

I am so happy that Puddle is happy and it is all thanks to you guys.

So thank you!!!
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Exclamation New Questions.....!

Okay, so now my lil fishy is going well I have some new questions:

  1. If i want to get a female to go with him, will I need a bigger tank?
  2. If I get a female, I know he may attack her, but is there a chance she could kill him?
  3. I would also like a Mexican Walking Fish, would they get along in a tank together?
  4. I heard snails are good for tanks too, would a snail be okay with it?
All in all, i would like the following in the tank:

  1. Male Siamese Fighting Fish
  2. Female Siamese Fighting Fish
  3. Mexican Walking Fish
  4. Snail
  5. Little Neon Fish (or something similar)
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Females and males should never be kept in the same tank unless its for a short time for breeding purposes, or the tank is divided. If you really want both, you could get a ten gallon and separated it with a divider, then have a fish on each side.

Many people keep a snail with their betta, I don't see anything wrong with it but I'll let someone else more knowledgeable comment on that.

Never heard of the Mexican Walking Fish, but after a little googling I'd say stay away from it.....its looks like it may need land, like a frog, and could likely eat your bettas.

If your referring to Neon Tetras, they are schooling fish that need to be kept in groups of at least 6. But they may nip at your bettas fins, so I'd stay away from them.

As for you other post, good to know that you got him a bigger home! If the bowl is large enough, you may be able to attach a small filter and heater to it and be good to go

I'd be very wary of any PH stabilizer....they can cause PH swings which are dangerous for your fish and stabilizers really aren't necessary. When you get back to the pet store, pick up an liquid dropper test kit(stay away from the strips, they don't work)that tests for PH, nitrIte, ammonia, and nitrAte. It may be a little pricy, but it'll be one of the best things you'll ever invest in while keeping fish.

Hmm....I think I covered everything
Best of luck with your new friend! Bettas are really adorable fish....and addicting
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Dragonfish covered everything and I wanted to add that I've read numerous times that some bettas have a fondness for attacking the eye stalks of snails. All bettas are different, some are more aggressive than others.

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he is so cool, he never stresses out. I probably stress out more about him.

When I cover the bowl with my hands he gets all defensive and flares up, lol, it is so funny

i think i will just get a snail and leave it like that, i dont wanna go overboard.

i just thought he may want a friend, sounds like he may be happy by himself though.

Thanks for warning me about the ph things - i will buy a heater and a filter tommorow
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help help fish cruel

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