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hmmm....i have hgeard of some heaters(i forgot which brand) working fine for months, but then automatically going to 100+ degrees, then switching back in a couple of hours. what brand do you have?

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The heaters that had problems where the Marineland Stealth heaters
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They recalled those heaters
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Originally Posted by Tigris View Post
They recalled those heaters
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Yes they did but how many people still have those heaters. Plus any heater can malfunction.
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That's why you do research on your equipment
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Oh I am so sorry you have experienced this!!
I have a 75 and twice have had heater failure... changing from 78 to 67-68. No fish loss at all. No Ich outbreaks from stress. I don't think it would be the temp change. Cause even if it fails completely, the temp will slowly drop to room temperature... it's not like you dumped a bucket of ice into it which would be a shock for sure. If you do a water change with the wrong water temp or forget the de-chlor, death is noticeable very fast!!
No new ornaments? Pieces of wood or rock? A new plant with metal on it?
What about an electrical shock of some kind? Do you feel any tingling when you touch the tank?
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Agreed any heater can malfunction. I have never had a marineland heater but I have still had two different brands malfunction on me. Submersibles IMO are one of the shortest lived types of eqipment.
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Thank you all for the brainstorming!

Here are some answers:

Pearl2011 - I was speaking of degrees F. I still haven't crossed this off the list of possible culprits, but I've been monitoring the temperature of the tank after the disaster and I don't see drastic changes. It seemed unlikely to me that about 50 gallons of water would cool down this quickly.

Assault0137 - I have a Aqueon submersible heater TA200 model. I felt no tingling when I stuck my hand into the water in the morning to retrieve the fish. The heater is still in the tank and seems to do its job. I'll do some research on it to see if anyone had problems with this brand. Thanks for the tip!

Jakiebabie - No new ornaments, drift wood or plants. Also, no water change the previous night.

Yet, all of you who brought up CO2 and pH may be onto something. I do not have a drop checker (I will make sure I'll get that). So when I checked the pH in the morning it was around 6.4, which is as low as the kit will indicate. It might have been quite a bit lower in fact. That is not what it usually is. I believe I've kept my pH at around 6.8 before.
Anyway, I found that the CO2 tank is empty. It must have run out, maybe the night of the disaster. It actually filled with water, meaning that whatever leftover gas there was must have been pushed into the tank. You may wonder why I didn't install a anti-backflow valve. I do too. Hindsight is always 20/20. That and the lower pH makes a lot more sense to me than a sudden temperature drop.

Thank you all for helping me with this. I still have a lot to learn.
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