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Well he's gone. :( Plucky went to big boy school and the guppies went too so he wouldn't be lonley. The baby came with me and watch the man but him in the huge tank. I must say..if the baby wasn't there I might have cried when we left! LOL I'm really surprised I fell in love with a fish but he's been my buddy and I raised him from 3 inches to 10 inches. The final measurment was 10 inches long and almost 3 inches wide.

However on the bright side, they have blue rams, I got my rock and caves so I'm ready to start rearranging the tank for the new fish. I need to go and look for a new (smaller) pleco now.

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In a 55, get yourself a pair of Bristlenoses. There's enough space in a 55 that two males will be able to set up their own territories, if you get two females, you won't have a problem, and if you get a male and a female, there's a distinct possibility that they'll breed (just feed live blackworms). They max out around 5" and are totally compatible with any community fish - so rams shouldn't be any problem to keep with them. If you want something more unusual and you can find them there are also albino and albino veil fin forms that are just gorgeous in an HP Lovecraft sort of a way.

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There's lots of REALLY cool plecos. You could go online with your son and have him help you pick them out. Lots of funky colours, polka dots, stripes, etc.

Glad Plucky's found a larger home!
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sorry plucky had to go but you did the right thing! rams sound like a great choice for your next fish!
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aww,i'm glad it worked out for you,and the little one was brave. :)
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