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advice/suggestions on fish to add

My tank is 30 gallons, fresh water. I have several corys, platys and 4 cherry barbs. I would like to add a few top dwellers who are a little bigger than the fish I have, but won't grow too big for the tank. I thought of bettas, one male and females, but now I have read that male bettas often won't even get along with female bettas (??) I am also wondering if anyone knows about marble hatchet fish and thinks they would fit in well? Thanks for any advice or suggestions.
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You could try some Honey Gourami. Theyre bigger than those fish but they are peaceful and stay small enough not to outgrow your tank.
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I would avoid Betta with other fish.

Marble hatchets are nice, a group of 7-9. They like floating plants around them.

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DO NOT get a pair of bettas. 2 bettas NEVER EVER work together unless it is a completely divided tank. They are aggressive toward each other. Males are more aggressive, but the females will beat on each other as well until one of them dies.

What i've done and had good luck with (but, disclaimer, it depends on the individual betta. Sometimes they are just MEAN) is to add a single female betta to a community tank. Females are less aggresive, and can get along with SOME species of community fish. I have one in with cories and sunburst and red wag platies, and there are no problems (sometimes my betta is a bit snotty, but not aggressive). I don't know much about cherry barbs though, so research betta compatability with those.

DO NOT add more than 1 betta. It is less common, but a single male MIGHT work if you get one that is laid back. Unfortunately you usually can't tell that until you put them in with the other fish, so unless you have a backup tank I would avoid it.

i agree about the Honey Gourami. My tank is too small for them, but if I had a larger one I would definitely get some, they are beautiful.
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